Liberal Mayor of NYC Trashes Progressive Democrats

New York City’s liberal Mayor Eric Adams slammed the far-left for their silence on the current border crisis, which has taken a toll on the resources of NYC as well.

For a long time, Adams sided with the far-left to support the open border policies of the Biden administration.

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Now, as Republican governors are transporting illegal immigrants to NYC, Adams has finally spoken against the radical wing of the Democrat Party.

Dems Fighting with Each other on Border Crisis

In a news conference, Adams claimed even though the far-right is doing the wrong thing, he is unable to believe the silence of the far-left, which is not denouncing the current border crisis in America.

Still, Adams did not ask Biden to close the southern border to stop the illegal flow of immigrants into the bordering states. This would eventually urge GOP governors not to send migrants to NYC.

Adams’ comments came after the news conference of progressive Democrats of NYC, who lashed out at the mayor for exploiting the illegal immigrants in the city.

Currently, Adams is building a tent city in The Bronx, where he will transport all illegal immigrants. Though progressive Democrats have established Adams is exploiting the immigrants by shifting them to the newly established tent cities.

However, Adams noted he is short of options right now, as NYC is facing an unprecedented flow of immigrants, which pushed the city’s shelter system to its breaking point.

Reportedly, 16,600 illegal immigrants have arrived in NYC since May. Until now, Adams has repeatedly taken aim at Texas Governor Greg Abbott for his attempt to send illegal immigrants to NYC.

Though recent data suggests most of the illegal immigrants in NYC are transported by Oscar Lesser, who is the Democratic mayor of El Paso, Texas.

Lesser previously asserted Adams welcomed illegal immigrants, which means NYC is ready to receive more influx of these people. As per the data, only 20% of migrants in NYC are bussed by Abbott.

Adams Exploiting Illegal Immigrants to Huge Extent

After the inauguration of the tent city in Orchard Beach, Adams claimed his team is doing a proper analysis of those illegal immigrants who are entering the new city.

Meanwhile, Adams declined to discuss a recent report by the NY Post, which established the mayor is about to reach a deal with a shipping company, Norwegian Cruise Line, to transport NYC’s migrants to Staten Island.

The Post also reported many NYC migrants were transported to Florida under a vague promise they would get a $15 per hour contract in the rescue operations after Hurricane Ian.

This exploitation of illegal immigrants is a violation of federal law, as these people can only apply for asylum to get a work permit after 150 days of entering America.

Adams claimed he was not aware of any van which took illegal immigrants from NYC to Florida.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.