Liberal Host Wants People Not to Mourn Queen Elizabeth’s Death

British historian Andrew Roberts slammed an MSNBC journalist over his claims that many people are not mourning Queen Elizabeth’s death, due to the British colonial oppression which happened under the Queen’s rule.

Since the Queen’s death, many media outlets are advocating for not mourning her death, claiming she was responsible for the current injustice in the world, due to her ever-lasting support of colonialism.

Liberal Host Clashed with British Historian on Monarchy

In MSNBC’s special coverage on the death of Queen Elizabeth, host Ali Velshi introduced Roberts by claiming some historians believe British people only respected the Queen, while they have no regard for the institution of the monarchy at all.

Responding to this, Roberts accused Velshi of falsely orchestrating negativity against the Queen, adding an overwhelming majority of British people have deep respect for the monarchy.

Likewise, Roberts hammered Velshi for misrepresenting historians in the introduction, claiming commonwealth countries would not have supported the new monarch of Britain, Charles III, if they were against the monarchy.

This is where things got heated up between Velshi and Roberts. Velshi repeatedly asked the historian if he was really trying to defend the horrors of colonialism. On this, Roberts started scolding Velshi for America’s slavery history.

According to Roberts, Britishers abolished slavery 32 years before America did and did this without going into a civil war that cost nearly 600,000 Americans’ lives.

Velshi Introduced the Guest of his Own Choice at the End

Velshi interrupted Roberts, noting even if Britishers ended slavery early, Kenya was still under colonialism at the time of his birth. Whereas Roberts stated Kenya not only supported Charles III, but the president of Kenya also mourned the death of the Queen.

In addition to that, Roberts asked Velshi why he is only focusing on the negative things of British colonialism, which is now completely eliminated from the world.

Velshi insisted he is not concentrating on the negative aspects of colonialism, but only trying to emphasize millions of people do not want to celebrate the monarchy at the time of the Queen’s death.

Both Roberts and Velshi kept on interrupting each other during the show before the host ended the segment. The host then began accusing Roberts of manipulating history just to defend the institution of monarchy.

Later on, Velshi had a university professor, Kehinde Andrews, on his show who agreed with him that colonialism was a source of oppression. Andrews stated all the poorest countries of the world are those which were under the influence of colonialism in the past.

Furthermore, Andrews insisted the current construction of the world depicts white supremacy as black people living in the poor countries of Africa, while white people are living in the rich countries of the west.

Andrews acknowledged he has no respect for the Queen, as she was directly responsible for the oppression of his forefathers. Despite having the authority to end colonialism, the Queen preferred to promote racism and poverty in the world, Andrews concluded.