Legal Blow Stuns Transgenderists Attacking Christian Colleges

Transgenderism and woke advocates who tried to expunge the right of Christian colleges and universities to adhere to the “traditional” views on marriage and sexuality have been dealt a major legal blow.

A federal judge declared that higher education institutions remain entitled to federal funding.

LGBT Plaintiffs Failed to Give Any Evidence

Today’s woke leftists are trying to take apart and pick out all institutions that once made this nation the greatest and most just power in the world – such as American families, American colleges, and American Christianity.

A case in hand is a 2021 lawsuit filed by “LGBT Christian college students” and alumni against the US Department of Education.

The transgenderists attacked the DOE for giving religious exemptions to Christian institutions of higher education from Title IX discrimination laws – never mind that the freedom of religion is protected by the US Constitution and many federal laws.

In a ruling issued on Thursday, Oregon-based US District Judge Ann Aiken rejected the transgender onslaught to kill the Christian schools’ religious exemption to federal anti-discrimination law, The Christian Post reported

Aiken, who was appointed by Democrat President Bill Clinton, ruled that LGBT plaintiffs failed to prove the religious exemption Congress codified decades ago for Title IX had any discriminatory purpose. 

According to her ruling, those LGBT students who filed the lawsuit showed nothing in support of the claim that legislators who approved the religious exemption had any “discriminatory motivation.” 

The report pointed out while the Civil Rights Act’s Title IX bans discrimination based on sex in education, the same law also allows colleges and universities adhering to traditional sexuality and marriage views to ask and be granted exemptions. 

The judge snubbed the LGBT students’ claim religious exemptions were counter to the First Amendment. She stressed the US Supreme Court had already construed the First Amendment to allow or even mandate accommodating religious practices. 

Aiken even noted the plaintiffs’ demand for enforcing Title IX in Christian colleges amounted to the same violation they argued was “impermissible.” 

Her ruling was celebrated by the Alliance Defending Freedom, a legal nonprofit that represented three Christian schools targeted in the lawsuit.

David Cortman, an ADF Senior Counsel, emphasized the court’s ruling “correctly” proclaimed that exemptions for religious liberty did not violate any of the rights claimed by the LGBT students. 

He added Title IX of the Civil Rights Act “explicitly protects” religious schools’ freedom to “live out” their honest beliefs. 

The anti-Christian lawsuit was filed in March 2021 on behalf of 33 LGBT current and former students. They claimed a total of 25 religious colleges discriminated against them. They were represented by a group aptly named the “Religious Exemption Accountability Project.” 

The lead plaintiff was Elizabeth Hunter, a former student at South Carolina’s Bob Jones University.  Thus, she viewed the school’s ban on same-sex relationships as a “scary, harsh environment” for her.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.