Leftists Lost Their Cool After Musk Takeover of Twitter

Liberal journalists and political commentators are outraged after Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter in a $44 billion deal. Most of the left-leaning journalists claim Musk would destroy Twitter; so everyone should leave the platform.

Leftists Decry Musk’s Takeover of Twitter

Dave Vetter, who is a senior contributor at Forbes, asked his Twitter followers which social media platform they all would prefer once Musk destroys this one.

Later on, Vetter established he would only leave Twitter when he gets banned or the social media platform becomes unusable. However, Vetter added Twitter is highly unlikely to work in good fashion after Musk’s takeover.

Another journalist, Molly Jong-Fast, asked people if they could make another platform like Twitter, so all users can shift there after the arrival of new leadership in Twitter. Jong-Fast deleted her tweet later on.

Similarly, CBS anchor Dan Rather asked his Twitter followers whether he should stay on the platform or leave it.

In addition to that, former NBC writer Noah Berlatsky compared people who are warning to leave Twitter to those Americans who threatened to move to Canada in case of Trump’s win in the presidential elections.

Berlatsky noted many people did not move to Canada since it required a lot of finances. Yet, everyone can easily leave Twitter in a matter of a few clicks, adding Musk is a highly controversial person who is disliked by everyone.

In a separate tweet, Berlatsky stated Musk only acquired Twitter to troll more people on the platform.

Jeff Jarvis, the liberal journalism professor, called Elon Musk “evil,” claiming the dark era of the social media platform started. Jarvis also lashed out at Musk when he first announced his plans to acquire Twitter in April this year.

Controversial tech journalist Taylor Lorenz claimed the gates of hell are now opened on Twitter. However, she asked her followers to subscribe to her channels before Twitter bans her account.

Furthermore, former Huffington Post writer, Michael Hobbes, asserted almost all social media platforms are now dominated by right-wing narratives. Hobbes noted Facebook and YouTube were already dominated by rightists. Now, Twitter will also be controlled by a Trump ally.

Seeing the situation of the social media networks, there is no reason to remain optimistic for the next decade, Hobbes added.

Finally Left-Wing Misinformation Will be Countered

Meanwhile, some journalists vowed not to leave Twitter, but continued threatening people about Musk’s leadership.

Author and podcaster Sarah Kendzior mentioned she is not planning to leave Twitter, adding she has a habit of living in hellscapes.

Another journalist, Joyce Alene, who worked with MSNBC and NBC, tweeted she is not leaving Twitter, but she will use it as an alternative way to keep in touch with her followers.

However, some people also celebrated the change in command on Twitter. Famous right-wing account, LibsofTikTok, established the time has come when Musk would finally counter rising leftist misinformation on Twitter.