Leftist Media Badly Exposed

Several attempts of liberal media networks to save Hunter Biden from utter humiliation in the wake of various scandals are falling apart.

Even though both the New York Times and the Washington Post authenticated the controversial laptop story of Hunter, the liberal media is still downplaying it.

Liberal Media Undermining Hunter Biden’s Laptop Story

MSNBC and CNN totally undermined Hunter’s laptop story when it first emerged before the 2020 presidential election, terming it “Russia disinformation.” Though even as the story is proven true, the channels are still hesitating to report it.

The New York Times was the first liberal outlet to report the laptop story, followed by the Washington Post, which went to great lengths to expose Hunter Biden’s corrupt practices. 

Instead of reporting the actual story, CNN and MSNBC are focusing on Trump’s recent request to Russian President Putin in which he asked Russia to disclose any secret information regarding Hunter’s dealings.

Thus, the media is once again trying to tie Trump with Putin, instead of reporting Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop story.

According to Grabien transcripts, there was absolutely zero coverage of the laptop scandal on CNN and MSNBC’s primetime shows on the first two nights when the Washington Post debunked the story.

Until now, MSNBC mentioned the laptop only once. Likewise, CNN mentioned it only thrice to update its viewers about the Justice Department’s probe of Hunter Biden.

Nicholas Fondacaro, the deputy managing director of NewsBusters, was shocked that the liberal media channels did not report the story to restore its credibility. 

He stated despite having record low approval ratings for its programs, CNN is not trying to come clean and report facts, even though doing so can be in the best interest of the channel.

Their actions depict they are trying to cover up their own lies, instead of reinstating their reputation, Fondacaro added.

Leftist Media Network Lied to the Masses

CNN and MSNBC were not the only media channels that tried to undermine objective reporting. NBC News and CBS also stated Hunter’s laptop story was Russian disinformation in their primetime shows.

Although the controversial laptop is now the talk of the town in liberal circles these days, it was a hot topic before the 2020 presidential election to malign Trump’s reputation.

Rep. Adam Schiff of the Democrat Party noted, during a CNN program, that Russians were using Rudy Guiliani to intervene in the 2020 election. The congressman accused Guiliani of promoting the Russian disinformation campaign back then. 

Schiff stated the Kremlin is behind the propaganda against Joe Biden and his son.

Wolf Blitzer of CNN even mocked Trump for holding a newspaper with the news of Hunter Biden’s laptop, calling it “conspiracy theories.”


James Clapper, the CNN national security analyst, called the news a “textbook” case of Russian interference in America.

He added the Russians knew Trump and his team threw dirt on the Bidens and were using them accordingly.