Left-Wing Man Charged After Trying to Assault GOP Senate Candidate

A man has been charged with confronting Republican Senate candidate Donald C. Bolduc during his debate with Democratic incumbent Sen. Maggie Hassan on November 2, according to authorities in New Hampshire.

Man Confronts GOP Candidate

Joseph Hart, 37, of Greenville, Rhode Island was arrested and charged with felony trespassing and disturbing the peace.

This followed a “disruption” outside the New Hampshire Institute of Politics late on November 2, according to a press statement released on Thursday by the New Hampshire Goffstown Police Department.

As per authorities, Hart was “screened and freed on private recognizance bail.” He is set to be arraigned at the Goffstown District Court in early December. According to police, the inquiry is ongoing.

As per online video evidence of the incident, Bolduc was welcoming his followers when Hart rushed at him while carrying a camera. It appears from the clip that he did not touch him.

As Hart proceeded to approach Bolduc, apparently calling him a “warmonger,” the commotion erupted as Bolduc’s supporters came to his help.

“He hit me.”  Bolduc can be heard crying, “He hit me!” However, it appears Bolduc was not hit by Hart, but by fans who rushed to the Senate candidate’s help as Hart came closer while leveling charges against him.

Thursday, when asked about the encounter, Bolduc stated he does not feel Hart attacked him. Bolduc stated to WMUR, “I wouldn’t call that an attack.”

In an appearance with the Washington Examiner, Hart, a self-identifying libertarian and anti-war activist, stated he submitted a criminal complaint about Bolduc, charging the retired Army brigadier general campaigning for U.S. Senate of “elbowing” him.

The Army veteran also mentioned the attack in response to a moderator’s inquiry regarding what he would do to avoid political violence in the country at the debate on November 2.

The New Hampshire Senate race narrowed dramatically during the past month. A latest poll performed by the Saint Anselm College Survey Center revealed Bolduc had a one-point advantage over his opponent in the race for a critical Senate seat.

Bolduc, who spent ten tours in Afghanistan and was decorated with two Purple Hearts, characterized Hassan as a “professional politician” during Wednesday’s final debate.

He cited record-high prices under the administration of President Biden, who he claimed Hassan “fully endorses.”

Bolduc stated, “Heating and food are the concerns and she fully avoids them. Tonight marked the first time that I heard her mention the term inflation; she never discusses it.”

Hassan Avoids Issues

Hassan, however, acknowledged inflation harms New Hampshire households and strains small companies as she lauded Democrats’ efforts to pass cost-cutting measures.

Hassan stated, “Currently, I have faced big pharma and pushed to pass legislation that will cut people’s prescription medication expenses; my opponent claims he would not have done so.”

Hassan also stated she contributed to the passage of the bipartisan infrastructure plan that Biden signed into law last year, as well as the “CHIPS and Science Act.”

This allocated $280 billion to enhance domestic semiconductor production and related research activities.