Left-Wing Leader: Protesters Must Not Intervene With Those Mourning The Queen

According to Sir Keir Starmer, the head of the left-wing Labour Party, Republicans and anti-royal activists shouldn’t meddle with individuals who are grieving the Queen in order to oppose the Queen’s passing.

Labour Party Calls Off Anti-Royal Activists

Sir Keir formerly advocated for the overthrow of the monarchy, but his most recent statement is part of his ongoing efforts to purge the Labour Party by making it look more patriotic.

The knighted opposition leader is anxious to convince the public that Labour is not anti-British.

The Telegraph reported that Starmer recognized the value of people being able to voice divergent opinions, including those that are opposed to the monarchy.

However, he urged these opinions be conveyed in a way that is considerate of those who are grieving the loss of their king.

Such a request comes amid criticism over the unruly behavior of certain protestors who used the passing of the Queen to spread an anti-monarchy agenda.

This in turn led to some detention, as well as extremely belated discussions in the mainstream media about freedom of expression in Britain.

People Should Have Respect

“I think people should respect if they have waited a long time to step forward to have that minute as the coffin goes by or whatever it is,” Sir Keir is quoted as saying in the media outlet.

“People have made an enormous effort to come and have that personal opportunity to say thank you to Queen Elizabeth II.”

He continued, “Of course we have to recognize the reality that some individuals disagree. “The freedom to object and dissent is one of the great British traditions.”

“However, I believe it can be done with respect. Recognize the fact that tens of thousands of people desire the opportunity to speak up.”


The Labour Party leader’s announcement will undoubtedly be accepted by many people who have grown frustrated by the numerous disruptive anti-monarchy protests in the UK over the past few days.

Yet, it may not just be an effort to attract more Republican supporters to the left-wing party.

Sir Keir has been trying to portray Labour as being a loyal, pro-British party with left-wing ideas since taking over from prior party leader Jeremy Corbyn, who was a strong Republican.

This looks to be an apparent bid to win back voters put off by the group’s prior hardline positions.

For instance, during the Queen’s platinum jubilee previously this year, Starmer stated celebrating the anniversary was the “patriotic responsibility” of all Britons, even those who oppose the monarchy.

The leader asserted, at the time, “a new patriotism, one that is simple, self-confident and welcoming, is being born everywhere,” despite the UK being beset by attempts to downplay British history and culture, mostly led by activists inside his own party.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.