Left Paints ‘Biblically Minded’ Teachers as New Enemy of American Students

Perfidious radical lefties, who are waging a sickening war on the people, democracy, and freedom of the United States, have found a new target to terrorize. That target is “biblically minded teachers” – whom they are trying to portray as a “threat” to American students.

‘Biblical Values’ Are So… ‘Evil’

The latest “enemy of the people” invention of today’s American communists has become “biblically minded” teachers – apparently a euphemism for Christian teachers – as revealed by a school board member in Arizona.

Tamillia Valenzuela, a member of the school board of the Washington Elementary School District (WESD) in Phoenix and Glendale, Arizona, publicly attacked “biblically minded” teachers, The Washington Stand reported.

Valenzuela has insisted that the district ought to terminate a recently renewed contract with Arizona Christian University (ACU) for hiring student teachers – simply because of the university’s “biblical values.”

The Marxist-Communist progressive, who identifies as a member of the “Black, Latino, and LGBTQ communities,” has declared herself “disheartened” by the contract’s renewal.

That was because she claimed there was a contradiction between the values of the school district and Arizona Christian University.

Valenzuela’s rabid anti-Christian online rant started hypocritically with a declaration that she supported “religious freedom” and people’s ability to stick to “whatever faith that they have.”

‘Queer Kids’ Wouldn’t Feel Safe with Christian Teachers

From that point on, the far-left member of the WESD attacked the core commitments of ACU as a Christian institution.

In particular, she insisted that the university’s espousing of “traditional sexual morality” and the principle of a “lifelong marriage” between a man and a woman contradicted the mission of her school district.

In her words, the WESD was all about “excellence for every” single child out there and the district’s continued collaboration with Arizona Christian University would shatter its “inclusiveness” with respect to transgender pronouns.

She made this point in reference to other aspects of the woke gender ideology that so many American school districts are trying to force upon the nation’s most innocent.

Valenzuela further made it clear she considered Christian teachers a “safety threat” to WESD students because the former’s sanctity of marriage values “exclude LGBTQ members.”

The radical woke school board member insisted that “queer kids” were already under attack by (Republican) lawmakers and the presence of Christian teachers would make matters even worse, as it would mean they would “not be safe” in the community.

The communist school board member explicitly declared that students who didn’t partake in the Christian faith would benefit from having “biblically minded” teachers.

Remarkably enough, the WESD acted upon Valenzuela’s demands and terminated its partnership with Arizona Christian University.

Joseph Backholm from the nonprofit “Family Research Council” blasted the development as yet “another example” demonstrating “the left’s opposition to diversity.”

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.