Leader of Kidnapping Scheme Gets 16 Years in Prison

A man convicted of trying to abduct Gov. Gretchen Whitmer was sentenced to 16 years behind bars Tuesday.

Adam Fox led a conspiracy to abduct the Democratic governor in 2020, authorities claimed. Fox and a collaborator were convicted in August of abduction and WMD conspiracy.

Stiff Sentencing

Judge Robert Jonker stated in court before sentencing Fox on Tuesday that this type of crime needs public comprehension and a particular deterrent.

Not only is the incumbent governor physically threatened, but she also has emotional baggage to carry, as she describes in her report.

He noted it impacts not only the governor’s desire and ambition to remain in office, but also other persons in or considering public service. Prosecutors requested the judge to give Fox the maximum term for his convictions: life in prison.

Prosecutor Nils Kessler stated Tuesday none of it would have transpired without Fox. Jonker said a life sentence isn’t needed to dissuade violence toward public officials.

In a sentencing letter, prosecutors said that life in prison sends a strong message about Fox’s crime. Elected authorities should never fear for their or their households’ safety because of their work. The government suffers if the leaders are afraid.

Fox’s attorney, Christopher Gibbons, told the court Tuesday that the allegation overstates what Fox did in 2020. Fox didn’t speak during his sentence. Fox was content with his lawyer’s argument.

Gibbons sought the court to sentence Fox to four to six years in jail, citing co-defendants who pled guilty ahead of trial and received shorter terms for collaborating against Fox and others.

The defense counsel has defended an entrapment defense, saying FBI undercover officers and confidential informants compelled the defendants to further the conspiracy.

Prosecutors countered that Fox hadn’t demonstrated remorse in court. Kessler said the defendant would likely emerge from jail more indoctrinated and be a public risk. Jonker advocated therapy for Fox’s substance misuse and mental health.


Attorney General Dana Nessel lauded the sentencing judgment as a powerful message against domestic terrorism.

Nessel claimed Fox’s actions jeopardized Michigan residents’ security. She is thankful to Judge Jonker, the FBI, the Justice Department, the Michigan State Authorities, and everyone who helped ensure justice was served.

Barry Croft will be sentenced Wednesday. Croft practiced detonating bombs with Fox and others, authorities alleged during the trial.

Pete Musico, Joseph Morrison, and Paul Bellar were sentenced last month for gang membership, supporting a terrorist act, and carrying or having a handgun during a felony, per the Michigan attorney general’s office.

Musico must face 12 years and Bellar must face seven years.

The group’s claimed “commander,” Morrison, who went by “Boogaloo Bunyan” online, must serve at least 11 years. This is a win for the justice system as such bad people need to be put away for a long time.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.