Law School Embraces the Woke With “Zem” and “Hir” Pronouns

"Students Protest Anti-Trans Law" by Phil Roeder

While the law can be quite rigid at times, there are definitely ways to introduce a certain amount of flexibility. A law school in Iowa abused that notion to introduce gender pronoun lessons into their academic plan.

According to a photo that surfaced on Twitter earlier this week, the University of Iowa’s College of Law will be including pronoun education in their August orientation handbook.

It’s not just your usual they/thems.

“Students Protest Anti-Trans Law” by Phil Roeder

Iowa law school joins the gender pronoun craze with a wild lesson plan

In fact, the woke institution went as far as including outlandish pronouns, such as Ze/Hir/Hirs and Ze/Zem/Zirs. These are nothing short of something straight out of a Lovecraftian novel.

The orientation included a sentence where soon-to-be students were to fill out the blanks with these pronouns, making sure they’ve fully understood the subject matter, regardless of how pointless it is, given that pronouns are only used in one’s absence.

Furthermore, in a kindergarten-esque fashion, unbecoming of a law school, a man dressed as a unicorn was directing students to the many gender-neutral bathrooms found in this “educational” institution.

Despite all these “improvements” to education in the US, fourth-graders are still using coloring books. If that wasn’t enough, GenZ often provides embarrassing answers to straightforward questions about our nation’s history.

Social media backlash for pronoun indoctrination

Thankfully, the University of Iowa received a significant amount of social media backlash for the changes they’ve announced, with many users pointing out pronoun “education” is nothing short of indoctrination.

There’s no good reason for the left to actually be including this stuff in compulsory education, be it in elementary schools or colleges. That’s exactly why it’s met with such strong pushback every time mainstream media covers these stories.

If anything, if UI wanted to dive headfirst into the “woke,” they should’ve done it properly and included the plethora of other pronouns in the orientation as well. Although that would still leave the cakeself, clownself, and vampself weirdos asking for more.

The gender identity movement has come a long way. We’ve reached the point where the xenogender community is practically coming up with whatever “gender” comes to mind on the fly, be it a pokemongender or a birdgender.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to the marginalization of good old he/him and she/her pronouns, likely due to the fact that GenZ will never be happy with what they’re initially assigned with, no matter how be-all-end-all it may be.

We can only hope this fad will die down once these cakes, flamingos, and Umbreons grow out of playing pretend; although, with the way it’s going, the coming generations won’t stand a chance.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.