Lauren Boebert Calls Out Maxine Waters for ‘Domestic Terrorist’ Dig

Maxine Waters, congresswoman for California’s 43rd District for over 28 years and a Democratic firebrand, made some daring claims during her time in office.

From saying the looting taking place during 1992’s Rodney King riots was justified because mothers needed milk and shoes to now causing political shockwaves with criticisms of President Trump, “Mad Maxine” as Republicans call her knows how to make an impact.

Congresswoman Waters Declared She Had to Fight For Reproductive Rights

One inspiring act of kindness recently moved shoppers and staff at a Los Angeles-area Target to tears.

According to Waters, one woman was so delighted by the sight of new shoes for her children that she could hardly contain herself, so much so that even Waters considered “going in and taking them” herself.

It’s heartwarming stories like these which demonstrate just how powerful an effect we can have on each other with a simple gesture of compassion or understanding.

At a pro-abortion march in 2004, Congresswoman Maxine Waters passionately declared she had to fight for reproductive rights because her mother was unable to have the abortion she wanted.

After years of controversy, things don’t seem to be improving for Mad Maxine. This weekend, she reached a new low during an appearance on MSNBC’s “Ayman Reports.” She made the shocking comment that some Republican members in Congress are “domestic terrorists.”

In the wake of Tyre Nichols’ death at the hands of Memphis police officers, Waters offers an optimistic response to whether reform is possible with Republicans in control of Congress. She believes it’s not just possible – but necessary for a brighter future ahead.

A man posed a deeply difficult question – can police reform succeed in Congress under current leadership, amid the backdrop of yet another tragic death?

The answer is unclear; while politicians may strive to remain hopeful, only time will tell if meaningful change can be achieved.

Rep. Lauren Boebert Issued a Fiery Retort Against Waters

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has created her own faction within the Republican Party. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s recent comments suggest she may now be in control.

After openly expressing his admiration for Greene, McCarthy reassured he would do everything possible to protect her – an indication of how much sway she holds over GOP leadership.

“Americans have had enough of the extreme right-wing conservatism in Congress and politicians are finding out their constituents won’t tolerate it any longer,” Waters claimed.

She continued, “the people’s voices must be heard loudly so these domestic terrorists will know they’ve been heard, that a change is coming for the betterment of our country as a whole.”

Rep. Lauren Boebert issued a fiery retort to Mad Maxine Waters’ accusation of domestic terrorism, taking the opportunity on Twitter to present some key points in rebuttal.

Waters has controversially accused House Republicans of being “domestic terrorists.” Her statement comes as a surprise, due to Boebert’s recent allegation that no one in the chamber has called for more violence than her.