Larry Elder Attacked by ‘Racist’ Woman Wearing Gorilla Mask

This week, Republican California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder was touring a homeless campsite in Los Angeles. During this time, a woman appeared wearing a gorilla mask, while throwing an egg at Elder and physically assaulting his security team.

Elder and his team experienced “racist attacks” during their campaign tour in Los Angeles

On Wednesday, Elder was going around in a homeless campsite in Venice Beach; then, a woman appeared wearing a gorilla mask and dressed in black; she started to act violently towards them. Elder and his team were walking around the neighborhood in Venice Beach when the attack happened. 

Critics were lambasting the woman, as they claim she was blatantly racist, attacking Elder while wearing a gorilla mask. After the incident, a member of Elder’s security team approached the woman.

She responded by cursing at them and shouting at security to take his hands off her. The woman then attempted to hit the security personnel in the face, which prompted others to step in. Another person on Elder’s team was also hit by another woman from the crowd, as she struck him in his face.

On the other hand, video footage shows the first egg flew through the air and almost hit Elder. A member of his security team was then seen putting his arms on Elder’s back, declaring that they are getting egged. Then, a second egg was thrown towards the candidate and his team. 

Multiple people also started becoming physically violent towards Elder and his team, including the woman wearing a gorilla mask. As a result of the violence against Elder and his team, the group cut the trip short and left the scene.

Despite the incident, Elder announced that the “intolerant left” cannot stop them

Despite the violence Elder and his team faced on the campaign trail, the conservative candidate declared they will still proceed with touring California. Elder posted a Tweet on Wednesday, announcing that next week, they will be in Bakersfield.

Later on Wednesday, the Republican gubernatorial candidate declared that he and his team were assaulted. He added they were likewise attacked with a pellet gun. However, the “intolerant left” cannot stop them. 

The recall election in California will happen on September 14 and Elder is leading the group of Republican gubernatorial candidates. It can be noted that last year, Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom came under fire amidst his COVID-19 lockdowns and policies.

This specifically came back to bite Newsom after images of him surfaced dining in an expensive restaurant in California, maskless and encircled with several people from different households. 

Voters in California are now faced with two questions: first, whether they will vote to remove Newsom from office… and second, if the current governor should be removed, who will be California’s next governor?