Largest School Association Declared Parents as “Extremists”

The National Education Association (NEA) once again tried to blame parents for destroying the education of their children for the sake of politics. NEA claims that extremist parents should distance themselves from their children’s education.

This marks another attempt by the woke bureaucracy of the American educational sector, which propagates a far-left narrative among school kids.

National Education Association Goes Woke

In a newly launched YouTube ad, the New Jersey chapter of NEA suggested extremist parents who attack American schools do not belong to us. Likewise, the ad continued, parents should not destroy the education of their children by playing politics.

This ad was released at a time when conservative movements are seeking more involvement of parents in their children’s education.

GOP governors in Virginia and Florida already signed legislation that will stop schools from teaching critical race theory and gender dysphoria concepts, especially to underage kids.

While slamming the NEA for labeling parents as extremists, executive director of Building Education for Students Together, Laura Zorc, noted the NEA is trying to impose ideas of Attorney General Garland and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT).

Garland is leading the Department of Justice that dubbed parents as domestic terrorists, while ATF president Weingarten is leading a far-left movement against right-wing politicians and parents.

Last month, Weingarten hammered extremist politicians for censoring curricula and banning books, claiming these tactics create more differences between parents and their children.

Zorc further added that NEA claims it cares for students, even though parents are more responsible for the education of their children.

In addition to that, Zorc asserted standing up for the rights of your children is not a political measure, but the responsibility of the parents.

NEA Has a History of Making Far-Left Policies

Since the issue of critical race theory came into the limelight, conservative parents have voted out many progressive school boards for their attempts to radicalize the students.

In a July poll, 43% of Americans noted that the AFT, which is the second-largest teacher union across the country, devotes too much time to teaching about gender identity.

Only 21% of Americans believed the teachers do not spend an overwhelming amount of time on the topic. 

This is not the first time the NEA tried to cancel parents. Recently, the educational association presented a resolution seeking to replace the word “mother” with “birthing parent.”

According to the officials of the NEA, the word “birthing parent” will represent the LGBTQ+ community in a better way.

However, parents activists chided the NEA for becoming out of touch with mainstream society.

One official of Parents Defending Education emphasized teachers’ unions are not even close to the mainstream ideas of society, which means that they are out of touch with Americans.