LA Officials Redefine the Word “Homeless”

"patriotic homeless" by laurie avocado

Once again, the libs running the left-leaning portion of America are on a power trip. This time, they’re demanding the people of Los Angeles stop using the term “homeless” as it can be deemed offensive and hurtful in certain contexts.

That’s about as absurd as the Department of Defense telling you the word “defense” has a violent connotation and shouldn’t be used to prevent from triggering any snowflakes.

It’d also be like if Homeland Security banned the word “homeland” for being just a bit too patriotic to be stomached by the America-hating libs.

“Homeless” by flightlog

“Homeless” is now deemed offensive by LA authority

What’s more, the word itself is in the name of the Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority, meaning either a name change is due or we’ll all have to refer to the department in a different way.

Sooner or later, we’ll have a near-endless list of h-words, r-words, and n-words that we can’t say. Given how we’re constrained by the number of symbols in the alphabet, we’re running out of space to allocate all these “slurs.”

According to the LAHSA, the term “homeless” dehumanizes these people. They urge the American populace to adopt a more personhood-oriented term, rather than one based on one’s housing status.

While it’s true there’s a certain social stigma against h-word people and that a significant amount of them are victims of bad fortune, the fact still remains a fair share of them are simply drug addicts and criminals. Normalizing those is the last thing we need right now.

“Person experiencing homelessness” still has the h-word in it

This begs the question of whether changing how we refer to these h-word people will even solve the issue that’s been plaguing liberal cities across America.

It seems the moment liberal policies touch down somewhere, that place is doomed to become a hellscape, just as Sacramento, California did.

It’s also important to add that we’ve come a long way from calling these persons “hobos” and “bums.” Now, pushing for the removal of perfectly valid terminology may be a bit much.

As it turns out though, the proposed, “new and improved” term is “people experiencing homelessness.” What a nice throwback to how the fat acceptance community tried to normalize morbid obesity.

Additionally, the LAHSA presents us with several other options, including “those who live outside,” even though a majority of h-word people actually live in shelters, squat in abandoned homes, or live in their car/camper.

Changing the language surrounding a term they’re not comfortable with seems to be the left’s strongest weapon recently; so much so that they even managed to prevent a country-wide recession with it, simply by changing the definition of the word of course.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.