Kyle Rittenhouse ACQUITTED from All Charges in a Murder Trial

A 12 member jury acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse unanimously from all charges on Friday, concluding an intense trial that lasted almost three weeks in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Hearing the verdict, Rittenhouse broke into tears, with his spokesman saying he successfully defended himself.

Rittenhouse found “not guilty” in a double murder case

After the much-awaited verdict, one of the judges involved in the case said that working with such a jury was a pleasure for him.

Dismissing Rittenhouse from all the charges, the judge told Rittenhouse he was under no obligation to discuss this case with anyone further in his life.

Mark Richards, Rittenhouse’s attorney, came under heavy scrutiny for defending his case in recent days.

After the conclusion of the case, Richards explained as a professional lawyer, he represents clients and not causes. The attorney further noted had Rittenhouse gone to the crusade by taking a gun, he was not going to defend him in court.

On the other hand, the prosecutor, Thomas Binger, said although the verdict did not come in his favor, it should be respected by everyone.

He opined Kenosha residents have endured enough over the last several years, and the efforts to bring peace to the community will continue. The prosecutor likewise advised protestors to be peaceful while demonstrating their feelings about the verdict.

Meanwhile, due to the sensitivity of the matter and the continuous public gathering outside the court for the verdict, local police officers were deployed in the area to avert any crisis.

The jury consisted of five males and seven females. They were allowed to speak to the media, but none of them preferred to do so and left the court after announcing the verdict.

Civil rights unions cried foul at the verdict

Most of the civil rights organizations were critical of the decision. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) slammed the verdict, saying it was an “outrageous failure” of the US judicial system.

Likewise, the union noted the court failed to protect the rights of protestors who were demonstrating at the site where Rittenhouse shot two men to death.

Similarly, civil rights attorney Ben Crump (who also represented George Floyd) labeled Rittenhouse a “racist and homicidal vigilante,” saying he escaped justice, just because of his white skin.

President Biden said he stood by the decision of the jury. Yet, he also expressed his regret about the verdict, saying it left him angered, like many other Americans.

Rittenhouse’s verdict sparked a debate of gun rights in the US once again, as most people opined along ideological lines after the verdict. While most Democrats cried foul, Republicans called him an advocate of self-defense.

The trial was seen across America, and the media coverage given to the trial was unprecedented.

However, many media outlets were criticized for showing only one side of the coin. Some channels mostly showed arguments of the prosecutor during the trial, leaving Rittenhouse’s defense arguments uncovered.