Kari Lake Potentially Considering Another Run For Office

In Arizona, failed GOP candidate Kari Lake continues to make headlines, albeit not for very good reasons.

Lake competed against now-Gov. Katie Hobbs in Arizona, narrowly losing the election last year. Since her loss, however, Lake has been making increasingly unhinged and baseless claims about the election having been rigged and stolen from her.

The Arizona Republican brought her case before the court, which subsequently tossed it out because Lake had no evidence. Now, as Lake made the rounds on various media outlets, reports indicate that she may be gearing up for a Senate run, per Newsweek.

Lake on Running For Senate in 2024

Despite repeatedly losing in court, Lake’s false allegations that she won the 2022 Arizona governor’s race persist. However, rumors of Lake running for Senate next year have emerged as well.

During a media apperance, Lake stated (without evidence) that she’d seen polling showing she’d defeat Independent Sen. Krysten Sinema. After claiming that many people have raeched out and asked her to run, Lake claimed her utmost focus is on getting Gov. Hobbs removed from office.

At the rate things are going, it’s clear that Lake will exhaust all legal options for potentially announcing to the public that she’s going to run for an Arizona Senate seat.

Though given Lake’s track record, there’s no guarantee she’ll ever truly give up her untrue assertions of having been cheated in last year’s gubernatorial election.

Little Chance of Winning a Senate Seat

Anyone who runs for Senate has to win the majority of votes for the seat statewide, similar to a race for governor. Yet, despite Lake’s claims to the contrary, the last time she found herself in a statewide election, she lost.

There’s no indication that things will be any different for Lake in 2024. If anything, she could lose an Arizona Senate election by a wider margin than she lost the Arizona governor’s race, due to alienating even more voters with her post-election antics.

As Lake persists with unfounded, dishonest claims about her last election, critics are accusing her of grifting, simply trying to raise money, and otherwise taking advantage of political grievances for her own gain.

Frequent posts from the Kari Lake War Room account on Twitter also aren’t doing the Arizona Republican any favors. These posts continue to claim that Lake is the dually elected governor of the Grand Canyon State when this is factually inaccurate.

Time will tell whether or not Lake chooses to move ahead with a run for Senate next year.

Do you think Kari Lake is going to make a run for the Senate in 2024? Based on all that’s transpired thus far, do you believe the Arizona Republican would end up winning or losing this election? You can let us know in the comments area.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.