Kanye West Grilled Over His Comments About Jewish Individuals

Over the course of this month, rapper Kanye West has made anti-Semitic comments that many Americans find to be disturbing.

According to West, he’ll be unleashing “Death Con 3 [DEFCON 3]” on Jewish individuals. West also claimed that he’s been “toyed with” by the Jewish community and argues black Americans can’t be anti-Semites because they’re the “real” Jews.

West’s remarks led to his profiles on Instagram and Twitter being censored for terms of service violations. Yet, this didn’t stop West from getting on a podcast and unleashing more anti-Semitic comments.

According to the rapper, “Jewish Zionists” are playing a role in the dating habits of his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. Now, West is being called out for his remarks by news anchor Chris Cuomo, per Washington Examiner.

Pushback From Cuomo

After leaving CNN, Cuomo now works for NewsNation, which is where he spoke with West. During a considerable segment of the conversation, Cuomo brought up West’s threats and comments regarding Jewish people.

The news anchor said the notion that a Jewish cabal is out to get West is nonsense and either an illusion of West’s or a manifestation of his bias.

Cuomo then told the rapper that if he ran into business issues with certain folks, that pertains to those folks, not Jewish individuals as an entirety.

West, of course, pushed back against this. He argued he can’t be told what to feel or do before saying more than half of Hollywood’s CEOs and executives are Jewish people.

Throughout the exchange, Cuomo warned West that he’s playing into folks being targeted on the basis of their faith. None of it got through to West who doubled down on his prior assertions that Jewish individuals maintain ownership of “the black voice.”

The Mental Health Factor

While speaking with West on NewsNation, Cuomo raised questions about his mental health, which West became very defensive about.

However, this is a common theme. Many Americans believe the rapper’s latest displays of anti-Semitism are part of a manic episode he’s going through, owing to his bipolar disorder.

People are likewise warning that West’s mental illness shouldn’t be used to give him a pass. After all, there are many people nationwide who suffer from bipolar disorder or other mental illnesses, yet they don’t all unleash on Jewish people as West did.

At this rate, the rapper’s been clear that he’s not willing to listen to anyone who disagrees with the remarks he made about Jewish people. However, after his comments, JP Morgan Chase opted to discontinue its business relationship with West.

What do you think about the exchange that Kanye West had with Chris Cuomo? Let us know in the comments area what you believe is driving West’s claims about Jewish individuals.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.