Kamala Harris, the False News Commissioner

The problem with being candid that Vice President Kamala Harris has is pretty significant. Most recently, she has continued to perpetuate the myth that Republicans are actively seeking to suppress the voting rights of members of racial minorities.

Crying Wolf

It is the same deplorable approach used by Democrats to sway public opinion and rally their followers.

They scream discrimination, blame white people, and stress that minority communities are the victims of whatever political issue they bemoan on that particular day, week, or month.

They do this regardless of whether the topic is related to race or not. Obviously, none of it is ever accurate. Most logical and sane individuals no longer believe them. 

However, Democrats like Harris are unaware of any other option. They enjoy fueling racial conflict to divert attention from their political failings. Take a look at the most recent statements that she made in an interview.

According to Harris, it is so essential. She claims that 380 laws are being proposed in the United States to suppress or make voting more difficult for citizens. 

People sacrificed their lives for the right to vote, as has been stated for decades. Through the voting process and the ballot box, people are able to obtain everything they require.

In addition, there are deliberate efforts to deny black and brown people, as well as students, Native Americans, and Asians, the right to vote.

Voter Suppression?

Earlier this year, Democrats used this strategy in the Georgia primary elections.

They stated new Georgia legislation makes it more difficult for black people to vote. Whereas the facts proved a record number of individuals participated in that election and cast their ballots.

Sadly, no Democrats were ever called to account for propagating this falsehood; so they persisted in doing so. Harris persisted in her misconduct.

“They are attempting to render the right useless by denying access,” Harris stated. “Voters are essentially being punished for waiting in line to cast their ballots and not allowed to have any water or any food.”

Again, this is misleading information. Even if it weren’t, prohibiting the consumption of alcohol or food while waiting in line to vote, which is never the case in practice, would not constitute voter suppression.

There has never been a requirement for refreshments at polling places; they are not eateries. It is the latest example of the left’s alarmism to create a new class of victimhood in this country.

Kamala Harris has an issue with the truth. From her support of Jussie Smollett to her denial of a border crisis to her current remarks about voter intimidation, Harris consistently distorts the truth.

She utilizes falsehoods to influence the public and then alleges everything with which the public disagrees constitutes disinformation. She may be the United States’ vice president, but she is perhaps the mistress of falsehood.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.