Kamala Harris Suffers Another Employee Loss

Since the Biden administration came into power nearly two years ago, it’s struggled considerably with retaining staffers.

There are many theories about why this is. Some Americans believe the Biden administration is providing a toxic work environment that staffers are eager to get away from.

Others have suggested the failures of the current administration are creating a sinking ship that most workers want to escape as quickly as possible.

What’s really caught the attention of the country is not just the exit of staffers, but the rapid succession in which these exits are occuring.

Now, one of the latest White House aides to jump ship is the communications director for Vice President Kamala Harris, according to Washington Examiner.

A Closer Look at this Depature

Vice presidential communications director Jamal Simmons joined Harris in January; though he’ll also be leaving next month, giving him about one year’s time on the job.

According to the chief of staff working for Harris, it was initially agreed upon that Simmons would work as the communications director for one year. Though even before his arrival, Harris and others in the Biden administration were already facing major employee turnover rates.

The vice president’s chief of staff also thanked Simmons for his work and noted the value he provided. However, it turns out that Harris hasn’t quite worked out who will next serve as her communications director.

Per the vice president’s chief of staff, the “next organizational steps” are being figured out in a meeting with others on the communications team.

Simmons is expected to move to New York with his wife and children, seeing as his wife recently accepted a job offer in the Empire State.

Other Matters Facing the Biden Administration

Harris in the second in command to an administration facing serious issues.

Over one year ago, the vice president was put in charge as the border czar. This position was supposed to have Harris get to the bottom of mass border crossings; though illegal immigration persists as a major issue to this day.

Thus far, the vice president has been using her social media feeds to prop up the Biden administration, along with encouraging folks to get COVID vaccines that don’t stop the virus.

Next month will mark the halfway point of the Biden administration’s time in power. All things considered, there’s no telling how many other aides in the White House will look to move on to greener pastures.

What do you think is the true motivation behind so many White House staffers turning in their resignations? Do you believe the Biden administration is going to see even more employees jump ship next year? Please let us know in the comments area below.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.