Kamala Harris Staffer Praised a Republican Governor

Liberal media seems to be done with Joe Biden, as his plummeting approval ratings discourage leftist commentators from siding with him anymore.

For a long time, liberal media portrayed Ron DeSantis’ governorship in Florida as an absolute failure, but now they are praising the governor for his efficient tenure.

Kamala Harris’ Former Staffer Praised a Republican Governor

Symone Sanders, the former top-level staff member of Vice President Kamala Harris, who resigned from her job to join MSNBC, reluctantly praised Ron DeSantis.

She started her program by reminding viewers the Florida governor was an abject failure during his tenure, but ended up praising him later in the show.

In her program, she claimed Florida “actually came out alright” during the coronavirus crisis.

The program was primarily focused on the recent decision of a Florida judge to ban travel mask mandates, but it took a sharp turn when host Chuck Todd labeled DeSantis a risk-taker.

Todd noted he wanted to mention the Florida governor, who likes to take risks in politics.

While DeSantis called on the Florida legislature to talk about the new congressional maps of the state, he ended up making an anti-Disney narrative in that session, which is a big political risk, the host claimed.

Although some panelists tried to criticize DeSantis, Harris’ former spokesperson came to rescue the Republican governor.

She said although she is the biggest critic of DeSantis, his COVID and economic performance are “strong.”

Democrats Took Sharp U-Turn Against Criticism of Desantis

The same DeSantis was chided by most Democrats and liberal political pundits for lifting up COVID restrictions too early.

Though when he was criticized heavily by the left circles, DeSantis rebutted the criticism logically.

He asked naysayers how many people are now migrating to his state, due to the minimal COVID restrictions. Not only this, but DeSantis also told liberal outlets that people are leaving states like California en masse where COVID restrictions remained high.

Similarly, he mentioned the blue state of California had an excess mortality rate greater than Florida because of the poor policies of the Democratic governor.

While Democrats may think COVID-related deaths would be lesser due to the restrictions, deaths caused by lockdowns, reduced opportunities, and drug addictions are also counted as the result of the failed COVID policies, the governor claimed.

Reportedly, higher COVID deaths in Florida were not the result of loosening COVID restrictions.

In fact, Florida is one of those states which comprises the oldest population in the country, which is the primary reason for increasing pandemic-related deaths in the state.

While Sanders was critical of DeSantis’ newly signed law against Disney and announced to “put her money” behind Disney in this war, Todd reminded her that Disney actually lost the battle against the governor.

The White House, as well as many other far-left activists, remained critical of DeSantis for his COVID policies.

Even though liberal lawmaker AOC lambasted DeSantis for removing mask mandates, she was spotted dating her boyfriend in Florida without wearing any mask.