Kamala Harris Gets Caught Faking Her Backstory Again

Vice President Kamala Harris isn’t just an incompetent and mentally deficient individual; she’s also a liar.

The VP has long been known as both a liar and a bully, but her tendency to tell tall tales is once again coming to the forefront after a new story from her has been busted.

Remember when Kamala lied about saying “fweedom” as a kiddo and it turned out she’d stolen it from MLK Jr? This is even worse because the lie is so blatant and stupid as to be almost unbelievable.

What Did Kamala Say This Time?

This time, Kamala told a bizarre story that is intended to make her seem, once again, like a champion of racial and economic justice.

Didn’t she have enough of that in tweeting out a link to the Minnesota Freedom Fund to help BLM murderers get out on bail?

In any case, this time, Harris is claiming she didn’t eat grapes until she was in her 20s in order to support a grape boycott to protect worker and Latino rights.

Harris made these claims in a piece she wrote on Labor Day in The Nation, a communist and far-left outlet that worships at the feet of the Democrat Party and socialists.

Harris claimed when she was growing up in the 1960s and 1970s, she and her family never ate grapes. There was a boycott against them in California by some leftists, including Harris’ mom.

They refused to eat grapes grown by migrant workers in order to push for better labor conditions and equal treatment.

Kamala’s Sour Grapes

According to Harris, she said she first had a grape and was impressed by how “tasty” it was in her 20s. Well, when she was growing up, there wasn’t a boycott on grapes. It didn’t even start until she was 19.

The Cesar Chavez and his United Farm Workers union didn’t strike or make boycotts on grape growing until after she claimed. Its main boycott started after Harris was already 20.

Is she saying she started eating grapes, despite there being a boycott or is she just lying? I’d put my money on lying. She likely didn’t check the Wikipedia article closely enough before vomiting her toxic leftist drivel onto the page.

The Bottom Line

Kamala Harris is a lying psychopath. The fact that she’s vice president is a shame on this nation and is utterly humiliating.

She should be a groupie at a Phish concert or twiddling her thumbs somewhere at a bus stop and telling vagrants about “that one time.”

Enough of her lies and pathetic insults. This woman makes even Joe Biden look good and the fact that anyone still defends her shows just how far we’ve fallen as a country.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.