Kamala Harris’ Dysfunctional Office EXPOSED!

The inefficiency within Kamala Harris’ office has once again surfaced, with reports of dysfunction and infighting emerging. Meanwhile, the White House just stepped into damage control mode to save the party from further reputation crises.

Harris’ confidants revealed inside matters of the office

Almost three dozen former or current members of the Harris office, White House officials, Democrat strategists, and donors told CNN about the prevailing distrust within the vice president’s office. Many in Harris’ proximity believe she is being sidelined and not utilized to her full potential.

Harris even told some of her confidants she felt restrained working in the office. The White House is also concerned about the potential disloyalty it may face from Harris in the upcoming elections.

If Biden decides not to seek re-election, Harris is expected to be the potential presidential candidate for Democrats in the 2024 elections. The concerns about Biden’s age have been serious in Democrat circles, which can lead Biden to step down from seeking a second term.

The relations of Harris with some figures in the White House are at an all-time low, according to confidants who told CNN about the persisting crisis. These officials are not happy with what Harris has been trying to do since her inauguration.

After coming to power, both Biden and Harris were seen together frequently, getting in touch for weekly lunches, with the vice president accompanying Biden in most of his speeches. However, as time progressed, these visuals were seen much less.

For instance, when Biden was busy collecting Democrats’ votes for the infrastructure bill, Harris was visiting the NASA space flight center in Maryland. Upon inquiring, Harris’ aide said just due to the “House’s foolishness,” it was not feasible for them to cancel the vice president’s schedule.

Harris failed at the top job Biden assigned her

Biden asked Harris to work on the US immigration policy, which also led her to tour Central America. However, she is largely believed to have failed in her mission up until now, as the number of illegal immigrants continues to rise.

Not only this, but human trafficking numbers and the apprehensions at the US border also depict the failed border strategy of the Biden administration. This also promoted distrust of stakeholders against the vice president’s crisis management capabilities, further intensifying Democrats’ infighting.

When Harris visited El Paso, Texas, recently, the executive director of the Border Network for Human Rights, Fernando García, met her. He was optimistic back then that the vice president could handle the crisis efficiently. 

Later on, he said Harris suddenly “disappeared.” García asserted Harris did not push any legislation for better immigration policies. The executive director also noted Harris failed to demonstrate her leadership.

Harris likewise drew the ire of many Democrat strategists when she commented before the Virginia gubernatorial election that whatever happens in this election would decide the results of the 2022 and 2024 elections.

Many stakeholders were unhappy with these comments, as predicting the loss of one’s own party in future races is considered against political decorum.