Kamala Flees Questions after Causing Hurricane Ian Panic with ‘Equity’ Comments

(Fox News footage snapshot shows a smirking Kamala dodging a reporter's question about her equity relief remarks.)

Vice President Kamala Harris added insult to injury for millions of Americans affected by Hurricane Ian. She first declared federal aid for the storm’s victims would be distributed “based on equity,” then escaped from a reporter asking her a question about it.

She Really Dodges a Question

At least 83 people have perished as a result of Ian, a Category 4 hurricane, which pummeled Florida at the end of last week as one of the most powerful storms to have even struck American soil.

Hurricane Ian destroyed thousands of homes and key public infrastructure; it caused a power outage for nearly three million homes and companies.

Kamala was attending the 51st annual Phoenix Awards dinner on Saturday evening in Washington, DC, an event of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, The Daily Mail reported.

As she was walking, she got asked by a reporter to “clarify” what she had in mind “about equity for hurricane relief.”

Even though the vice president looked directly at the reporter and apparently registered the question, she didn’t respond in any way and just energetically walked away together with her security guards.

(TV footage snapshot shows a chuckling Kamala as she made her equity relief comments last week.)

Kamala’s ‘Equity-Based’ Disaster Relief

At the end of last week, during another event in Washington, DC, Kamala Harris stated “communities of color” should be the focus of Hurricane Ian relief efforts and federal aid should be “equity”-based.

She insisted while “equality” is important, so is “equity,” a term invented by Marxist-Communism. Kamala claimed that “people of color” and low-income communities were the ones impacted the most by Hurricane Ian.

Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, was among those who disagreed with Harris’ comments. He wrote on Twitter that relief aid ought to be distributed based on who needs it the most, not on the account of “race or anything else.”

The reaction of the DeSantis administration in Florida was expressed by his rapid response director, Christina Pushaw, who used to be the GOP governor’s press secretary.

Pushaw lambasted Kamala Harris on Twitter for creating “undue panic” and declared the veep’s comments were “false.”

Pushaw stressed that “all Floridians” were entitled to Individual Assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA), regardless of their background or race.

The Florida official urged Harris to “correct what she said” and also blasted the host of the event where Kamala spoke, who was model and actress Priyanka Chopra.

The event in question was a women’s leadership forum of the Democratic National Committee; the vice president’s controversial comments occurred as she was discussing climate change.

According to Pushaw, if Chopra had been a “good journalist,” she would have made sure to get Harris to clarify her comments right there on the spot.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.