JUST IN: Capitol Police Seemingly “Opening the Doors” to Protesters

"Capitol Police" (CC BY 2.0) by Tony Hisgett

A representative of Texas Chip Roy (R-TX) is demanding answers after a video on social media emerged on Friday, which seemingly shows the Capitol Police “opening the doors” to the protesters, allowing them to climb the steps to the Rotunda.

Roy said, “We need answers from the Capitol Police and Congressional leadership. Now,” as he tweeted out the video from Christina Bobb, an OAN reporter.

The said video shows the protesters entering the U.S. Capitol, shuffling through the hallway, making their way up to the stairs. Then as the alarms went off, and the officers stand aside. Although one of the officers raised his disagreement, he merely said, “I disagree with it, but…” and then the rest of his statement was unclear.

As the commotion happened, legislators either sheltered in place or escaped to a more secure location.

The protesters stayed inside the building for about four hours and breached both the House and the Senate’s chambers. Some protesters even broke into House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office and made off with some of her belongings. Including the House Speaker’s lectern. The Department of Justice also speculated that the intruders who stole the documents and computers could have also stolen some national security secrets.

After protesters sieged the complex last Wednesday, the U.S. Capitol Police received intense scrutiny of how they handled the matter.

Meanwhile, multiple sources revealed that the U.S. Capitol Police previously rejected the FBI’s assistance and National Guard days and hours before Wednesday’s attack on the Capitol.

The report has also shown that three days prior to the breach, the Pentagon sent an offer to the U.S. Capitol Police, asking if they need the manpower of the National Guard. This offer for assistance was, however, declined by the Capitol Police.

Then, on that day, when the rioters were already ascending into the building, the FBI, with the Justice Department leaders, offered support again. However, said the offer was again declined by the Capitol Police.

Despite a series of warnings of possible insurrection that could occur on that day and the ample time to prepare, the U.S. Capitol Police only prepared themselves for the free speech.

It took hours for the National Guard troops to arrive on the scene and give assistance in clearing the streets and securing the building. This lack of planning and precaution resulted in the death of four protesters and one Capitol Police officer.

Series of questions were raised against the law enforcement agency with a high operating budget and experience in handling high-security events. What occurred on that day also raised concerns over the security that the U.S. Capitol Police officers could provide in future events. This includes the upcoming inauguration of Joe Biden.

Up to date, the number of officers that were on duty on the day when the breach happened is still unclear. According to reports, the complex was secured by 2,300 police officers. However, with 16 acres to guard, 435 House of Representatives, 100 U.S. Senators, and hundreds of staff to protect, the security measures observed on that day are questionable.