Journalist Slammed Biden For Not Campaigning For Dems in Midterms

Joe Biden tried to avoid a media question about his lack of election campaigning activities with Democratic candidates.

Most presidents campaign for their party in the midterm elections, but many Democrats are avoiding campaigning with Biden in the 2022 election cycle. This is due to his low approval ratings, which can backfire against Democratic candidates.

Biden Avoiding Campaigning with Democrats for Midterms

On Thursday, a journalist asked Biden why Democratic Senate candidate from Pennsylvania, John Fetterman, is campaigning with the president, adding how many other candidates are campaigning with him.

Biden tried to avoid the question, asking the reporter to count the number of candidates who are campaigning with him.

In Biden’s closed-door meeting with Fetterman, only some reporters are invited; they will be allowed for a small amount of time in the private event.

The White House is also avoiding media questions about why Democratic candidates are not inviting Biden to their campaigning events. However, the White House press team is still establishing Democrats are not distancing themselves from the president.

Earlier this week, a reporter asked White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre if Biden is getting requests from Democratic candidates in swing states to campaign with them.

The reporter further mentioned the president is meeting with Democratic candidates in Pennsylvania and Florida behind closed doors, but the rest of the candidates are still reluctant to campaign with Biden. 

On this, Jean-Pierre asserted she does not have any specific request from Democratic candidates who want to campaign with Biden. 

Furthermore, Jean-Pierre touted that Biden did travel to Oregon to campaign with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tina Kotek.

Dems Forced to Rely on Obama

Some Democrats are even slamming Biden for his poor policies, specifically on the deteriorating security situation at the southern border.

However, most of the Democrats are only reluctant to campaign with Biden, but they are still not criticizing the president.

Last month, Fox News asked Democratic Senate candidate from New Hampshire, Maggie Hassan, whether she would invite Biden to campaign with her. Hassan replied she wanted to be an independent voice for her state.

Instead of relying on Biden, Democrats are counting on former President Obama, who is overwhelmingly campaigning for his party’s candidates. Obama will attend the rallies in four major cities, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Milwaukee, and Detroit in the last ten days of October.

Even though Biden repeatedly claimed his whole agenda is at stake in these midterms, he has not attended a campaign rally since Labor Day.

The New York Times also reported Biden is shocking political observers by not campaigning for his own party in the midterm elections, despite having all the resources of the federal government.

Biden’s reluctance to attend campaign rallies also contradicts the presidential norms. For instance, former President Trump participated in 26 rallies in October 2018, while Obama attended 16 rallies in October 2010.