Joe’s Gaffes Keep Piling on as He Refers to Cambodia as Colombia!

With almost two years in office, Biden has provided us with a hefty amount of gaffes at his public appearances. One would think that after giving the entirety of the US second-hand embarrassment, he’d learn to behave in public.

Unfortunately, more often than not, it’s the elementary stuff that troubles him. This time, it was as simple as knowing that Cambodia and Colombia are two separate countries, which he clearly isn’t aware of.

Biden can’t tell the difference between Cambodia and Colombia

During his appearance at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, he mistakenly called on the Prime Minister of “Colombia,” prompting confusion among those present, seeing as Colombia is nowhere near Southeast Asia.

His speech was filled with formalities. Biden claimed to be honored that he’s allowed to host at the White House next year in May and he’s planning on making even more progress than what was done up until now.

It’d have all blown over if Biden just acknowledged that he’d made an innocent mistake and laughed it off, but the senile old man running this country just pressed on and continued speaking.

In fact, this wasn’t even the first time he made this exact mistake. He referred to Cambodia as Colombia several times before taking the trip overseas when reporters were trying to pry a coherent sentence out of him.

Wish he’d fight for the US like this

To no one’s surprise, almost every single word Biden said at the summit was read off of the cue cards he’s often seen carrying around. It may be for the best, considering he’s obviously not capable of stringing together two sentences without stumbling.

The same thing happened at the UN’s climate change summit in Cairo, where he promised to work closely with the nations that were present in fighting climate change, as well as enforcing the law in the region.

All this talk about building a better future would be nice if it was directed at his own country, which he’s effectively driven straight into one crisis after another. The majority of us are already at our wit’s end.

Unfortunately, it’ll take a lot for the Biden administration to act on any of the pressing issues here in the US. They’d rather protect the borders halfway across the world and fight climate change, which is a non-issue by comparison to what we’re currently dealing with.

The border situation continues spiraling out of control, inadvertently worsening the fentanyl outbreak in the US. In spite of all of this, not one Democrat focused on either of these issues in their campaigns.

With Biden in office, 2024 feels like a decade away. We can only hope the average American will know not to give Biden a chance for a second term in office.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.