Joe Biden is Sounding the Alarm About Democrats Possibly Losing Congress

The pile of problems facing Joe Biden, and his party by extension, isn’t getting any smaller. Lately, the president’s resorted to unleashing insults against the GOP in the hopes that Americans will think voting for Democrats is the only way to save democracy.

Meanwhile, Biden won’t address inflation, supply chain problems, the depleted southern border, growing crime rates, or the litany of other issues to emerge on his watch.

No matter how much Democrats fearmonger against the GOP, people still wake up and see the reality of what Democratic policies have turned their lives into.

Yet, still, Biden’s choosing the route of scaremongering over taking real, concerted measures to improve Americans’ lives. Recently, the president delivered a speech about all the doom and gloom to come if Democrats don’t manage to keep control of Congress, per Newsmax.

The Latest From Biden on November’s Elections

During a reception event at the Democratic National Committee, the president said the two upcoming years will be hard if Republicans win back control of Congress.

Biden likewise confirmed that he wouldn’t hesitate to veto measures passed by a GOP-controlled Congress. In making these comments, the president also questioned what the Republican Party is really all about.

This, of course, was followed by Biden stating Democrats have to win these elections in the Senate and the House.

Biden’s comments from days prior aren’t new. Previously, the president said an upcoming two years with the GOP controlling the Senate and/or the House would being sadness upon the nation.

While sharing this rhetoric, the president did not explain how Democrats’ own leadership thus far has created problems for so many people.

Projections For November’s Races

Despite all of Biden’s talking points about “MAGA Republicans” and the importance of Democratic victories in November, the House of Representatives is projected to favor the GOP over Democrats.

This is because Republican candidates across the nation are making headway in districts that were traditionally Democratic or swing districts.

In the Senate, however, its elections are more of a toss-up. Many Republican candidates are neck-in-neck with their Democratic rivals for current Senate seats.

With the Senate currently maintaining an even divide between Democrats and Republicans, just one election can make all the difference in the world.

The GOP continues working hard to not only win these elections, but also showcase how Democrats have failed the nation amid controlling both chambers of Congress and the White House.

In many ways, the midterms are being viewed as an indicator of what’s to come in 2024.

What do you think about Joe Biden’s comments regarding the midterm elections? Do you believe Democrats or Republicans will ultimately walk away with the win? Feel free to share with us in the comments area.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.