Joe Biden, First to Interrupt in the Final Debate

"Joe Biden" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

During the debate, last Thursday, the Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, was the first to interrupt his rival when he accused that President Trump’s money for farmers came from American taxpayers and not China.

Kristen Welker, who acted as moderator of the final debate asked President Trump, what he is going to do to make China pay for transgressions against the United States. 

The President answered, “China is paying, they’re paying billions and billions of dollars. I just have $28 billion to our farmers –”

To which Biden interrupted with “Taxpayer’s money” The President paused and looked at Joe Biden and asked, “It’s what?” Joe Biden repeated, “Taxpayer’s money. It didn’t come from China.”

President Trump clarified by saying, “No, no, yeah, you know the taxpayers – it’s called China,” and Biden mockingly answered him with “Not true.”

Joe Biden further responded to President Trump’s statement by saying that there are reasons he is bringing up all this malarkey because he does not want to talk about the substantive issue.

Biden shifted the conversation back to American families by saying, “It’s not about his family and my family. It’s about your family, and your family is hurting badly,” addressing families who are struggling financially due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Trump: Biden family benefitting from China

In the final debate, President Trump focused his attacks on the allegations that Joe Biden illegally benefitted from the business dealings of his son, Hunter Biden. 

The President brought up the issue that Joe Biden’s family is allegedly profiting financially from China. This statement was connected to the issue which has been circulating about the Democratic candidate’s son, Hunter Biden and the emails that was found in his laptop. 

President Trump also repeatedly accused Joe Biden’s son of making millions of dollars in “payoff” from China after bringing his father, Joe Biden, who was then a Vice President, in a trip to Beijing. 

Trump and Giuliani, both have claimed that Hunter Biden received billions of dollars from China for a “private equity fund.” The President stated that this fund was received by Hunter after one quick meeting, and then he flies using Air Force Two. 

Change in rules in the final presidential debate

The Commission on Presidential Debates announced that the final presidential debate would operate on slightly different rules than the first Presidential debate to prevent interruptions and cross talk. 

The change in rules includes muting the candidate’s microphones aftere they were given their two minute chance to answer the questions directly from moderators. Both presidential candidates were also given the chance to engage in back and forth responses to each others’ claims. 

This chance in format resulted in a more civilized and more presidential debate, but it was not long until President Trump and Joe Biden started doing personal attacks, especially about the issues on foreign entanglements. 

Joe Biden also made remarks and accused that the President embraces thugs. To quote, the Democrat nominee stated, “He embraces guys, the thugs like in North Korea and the Chinese President and Putin and others and h he pokes his finger in the eye of all of our friends, all of our allies,”