Joe Biden Declares War on American Conservatives

Last night, Joe Biden gave one of the most alarming speeches in American political history.

Lit by sinister red shadows, the senile commander-in-chief starkly threatened conservatives and supporters of former President Trump. He made it clear he considers us to be a danger to democracy and an enemy of the United States.

Flanked by US Marines at attention and in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Biden said the America First and MAGA movement is an illegal, fascist belief that has no place in America and must be stoutly rejected.

Concern is now growing about what exactly Biden means and just how far he might go.

Unifying the Nation?

This speech was supposed to be about “unifying” the nation. Though like Biden’s promises upon taking office about bringing America together, he did precisely the opposite.

He claimed Trump supporters hate democracy and the US Constitution. He claimed “MAGA Republicans” are “liars” who foment “chaos” and violence in America.

After four years of Biden and his party making up fake conspiracies about Trump and Russia and trying twice to impeach him, Biden wants to talk about people not respecting the results of his election?

Historians and observers of history recognize exactly what’s happening here and it does not ever turn out well.

Dim red lighting, angry gestures, shouting, and demonization of your political opponents as inhuman beasts who deserve to be hunted down and cast out from society? This is totalitarian evil.

This is exactly what Trump was accused of, except his message was inclusive and for everybody; whereas Biden’s message is that you either follow and support his far-left agenda or you are a terrorist.

That is literally his message. Anyone who thinks he’s joking should be very cautious because this is not a lighthearted moment in American politics by any means.

No Nice Way to Say It

There’s no nice way to say it: this speech was unhinged, bizarre, disturbing, and alarming. It made any speech or comments made by Trump look like nothing in comparison.

This was an incitement to violence and everybody knows it. The dim red lighting could be seen as a mistake, but that would be a very naive error.

Of course, the assumption would be that the red represents a “danger” or “warning” to America that we are in danger from far-right nutjobs.

The reality is it’s also a subconscious cue: believe and follow what we say or we will exclude you from society and begin to make your life much worse by taking away your rights and freedom.


Biden is a nightmare. His handlers want to strangle America to death. Last night, they chose to brag about it right in front of the birthplace of our nation.

These are some very twisted individuals and their ideology must not be allowed to prevail.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.