Jill Biden Lands Herself in Hot Water with Latino Population

After receiving criticism for her comparison of the Hispanic population to tacos, first lady Jill Biden issued an apology.

Biden attended a luncheon in San Antonio, dubbed the “LatinX IncluXion.”

What Did She Do?

Jill Biden praised Hispanics as “distinct as the corner stores of the Bronx, as lovely as the flower petals of Miami, and as distinctive as the breakfast tacos here within San Antonio.”

Additionally, Biden also came under fire for mispronouncing the term “bodega.”

Tuesday morning around 9 a.m., Michael LaRosa, the communications director for Joe Biden, posted the following on Twitter:

“The first lady says sorry that her remarks portrayed anything other than sincere appreciation and affection for the Latino community.”

In response, the National Association of Hispanic Media commented that her statement regarding tacos was improper.

The company said in a statement that it hopes Biden will look more closely into the Latino community and realize they are not tacos.

On social media, several right-wing personalities also reacted to Biden’s statements by claiming the backlash would have been more intense if she had been a Republican.

In light of surveys showing that Joe Biden’s support rating has plummeted among the Hispanic community, the White House and Democrats were attempting to reach out to more Hispanic voters at the time of Biden’s remarks.

After winning a special election in her area this month, recently elected Rep. Mayra Flores (R-TX) took the seat that had been held by Democrats for many years. The Hispanic population dominates the 34th Congressional District.

According to local San Antonio media, the rally that Jill Biden addressed was one of the biggest gatherings of Hispanic activists.

According to their website, “Each year, the UnidosUS Annual Conference is the marquee event committed to the varied Hispanic population that is advancing our country.”

An inquiry for comment has gone unanswered by the first lady’s office.

The Story of the Three-Star General

After the Supreme Court’s mandate to overturn Roe v. Wade, the Army reportedly disciplined a highly decorated three-star general when he seemed to make fun of first lady Jill Biden online.

As per USA Today, Lt. Gen. Gary Volesky, a retired Army representative and approvingly competent senior mentor, was awarded a $92 per hour contract by the Army to counsel senior military officials.

He was also contracted to mentor additional associates on the tactics used in combat simulations and different military activities.

The three-star general led troops of all ranks during the course of his long career, including the 101st Airborne Division and the I Corps, one of the Army’s elite units.

He was also sent to Liberia to help with humanitarian needs, as well as several missions in Iraq, including the war against ISIS.