Jill Biden Booed Off the Field at Eagles Game in Philadelphia

"Jill Biden" by Gage Skidmore

Last week’s Eagles vs. Cowboys game was particularly eventful, seeing as Jill Biden decided to make an appearance.

The first lady wanted to show support for her “favorite team,” even being designated as the honorary captain and allowed to perform the coin toss.

However, it turned out the real Eagles fans attending the game weren’t having it. They started booing the president’s wife off the field, seconds after she appeared on the jumbotron screen.

“Jill Biden” by Gage Skidmore

NFL fans in protest as Jill Biden makes an appearance for the Eagles vs. Cowboys coin toss

Despite being a fan of the Philadelphia team herself, as she grew up there, the massive crowd had no mercy for Dr. Jill. Twitter users made sure to take note of this happening.

While it may seem like standard sports banter at first, it soon becomes clear that Philadelphians, just like the rest of us, are fed up with the mess Biden’s turned this country into.

Considering the damage he’s done during his time in office, it’s perfectly understandable that such a large crowd would give her a piece of their mind.

Even though the people have stated they’re unhappy with the direction the US economy is headed, Biden is as ignorant as ever, recently making a bold claim that our economy is now “strong as hell.”

In less than two years, we went from being one of the most solid economic powers in the world to a crumbling mess, largely due to Biden’s unwillingness to do anything about the inflation while it was still a minor issue.

Where’s the video?

Much like anything else related to the Bidens though, video evidence of this booing crowd is incredibly hard to find. Even if you do find it, chances are it’ll be gone within minutes.

Thankfully, there’s a plethora of local writers and NFL reporters covering the story so we at least know it happened. While the booing crowd footage can be hard to come by, there’s still a video of Jill singing along to the “Fly Eagles Fly” fight song.

Other media included a picture of Jill alongside Joel Embiid, which prompted a series of memes about Bidenflation, due to the height difference between the two. That’s about as much as you’ll find in the story.

At the moment, it’s almost as if all cameras turned off for a solid two minutes when the crowd shifted their attention to the first lady.

Give it a couple of days, though. There’s bound to be some video coverage of the booing from a number of Eagles fans who recorded the event; although Twitter isn’t exactly known for being unbiased when it comes to this.

At the very least, you can rest easy knowing that the people of Philly aren’t scared to show Biden how they really feel. With the midterm elections right around the corner, he and the rest of the Democrats will experience it firsthand.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.