Jared Kushner’s New Book is Driving the Left Insane

Jared Kushner’s new book “Breaking History” was released on August 9 and it’s driving the left nuts. The reason is simple: the book is optimistic, entertaining, and interesting.

The left can’t stand that. They were hoping for dirt to use against Trump or some kind of damaging controversy, but instead, the book paints a picture of an empowered and fascinating time in the White House.

The reviews are pouring in and they’re furious.

Radical Left Attacks Kushner on Appearance, Morals

Leftist nag Elizabeth Spiers writes the book is “self-aggrandizing” and full of ridiculous boasting from Kushner. She says it shows a man whose “moral compass” has lost its way and who will do anything for power.

It will come as no surprise that the Washington Post ran her column proudly attacking Kushner basically because she can.

Then, take a look at people like Democrat operative and Clinton bag man Adam Parkhomenko calling Kushner’s memoir a “goddamn” shame and saying CNN anchor Jake Tapper retweeting a promo for it is horrific.

Yes, Adam, I’m sure your moral sensibility spidey-sense is tingling all over with indignation after working for the snow-white pure Clintons for so long.

It must be upsetting to have to know that an ambitious, smart, and successful young man has written a memoir that’s not whining and crying about Trump every second.

Others, such as Dwight Garner at the New York Times, call Kushner “soulless” and say that his writing is wooden and boring and he’s a dimpled “mannequin” with no personality.

Who knew that good-looking people were supposedly not allowed to write books? Perhaps next time, the NYT will attack an obese leftist author like Roxane Gay for being ugly and fat and writing a book?

I’m not holding my breath!

What’s in the Actual Book?

The book is an interesting account of Kushner’s role as a top advisor to Trump, including his time helping to craft the groundbreaking Abraham Accords, which established closer diplomatic ties between Israel and a number of Arab Gulf nations.

Kushner’s book does talk about his accomplishments and paints his opponents as petty losers. What political book doesn’t?

Furthermore, after four years of fake Russia hoaxing and lies, who wouldn’t honestly say that many of his opponents were losers?

They were literally wrong about everything and had nothing productive to do, except attack him for working for Trump. They deserve to be trash-talked in his memoir.

This includes people like the former chief of New Jersey and failed presidential candidate Chris Christie who helped put Kushner’s dad, Charles, in jail as part of getting revenge against Kushner.

Kushner explains what actually happened; his dad got a hooker for his brother-in-law, filmed it, and tried to blackmail him by sending the tape to his brother-in-law’s wife.

At the time, Christie was a federal prosecutor and trying to work up a case against Charles for dodging taxes, along with Charles’ sister’s help.

The fact that Charles tried to turn his sister against her husband counted as interfering with a witness. Christie used this as a pretext to send him away for over a year, including time in a halfway house after.

Is it any wonder Kushner didn’t want Christie to have a key role in the Trump White House?

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.