Jake Paul Slams Biden and It’s Hilarious

"Jake Paul" by Erik Drost

After being involved in a massive controversy over his Japan trip vlog, Jake Paul took a couple of years off, focusing on his boxing and business careers instead.

As of late, he’s been extremely vocal when it comes to his opinions on the Biden administration.

A couple of days ago, Paul posted an angry tweet, criticizing Biden’s lack of accomplishments in the past two years, writing him up for the growing inflation, record-high gas prices, and the recent crypto market crash that cost billions for investors.

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Jake Paul meets common sense and reason…this is new

He closed his tweet with a message to all Americans, claiming anyone who’s voted for Biden and hasn’t regretted it yet is part of the problem perpetuating these growing issues.

Naturally, this prompted a response from thousands of “woke” Democrats. They claimed what we’re currently experiencing was expected to happen from the very start of the pandemic, regardless of who the president was.

One user even claimed Trump’s stimulus check bill was the driving force behind the inflation, completely ignoring the fact that without it, some families in the US would’ve been without a penny to their names, at this point.

Others tried to shift the blame onto other geopolitical factors, stating the Ukrainian war and post-pandemic demand were to blame for the growing inflation.

It’s almost as if there are no records of inflation being on the rise long before Putin decided to invade neighboring Ukraine.

Former Democrat allies turn their back on Biden

In spite of all the liberals defending the president, the fact still remains gas prices have been on the rise for a while now; albeit growth did increase rapidly as the West kept on imposing sanctions on Russian oil and the country’s prominent figures.

However, this doesn’t take away from Biden’s poor decision-making that brought us to this point.

We’ve watched the administration downplay inflation for months on end, calling it “transitory in nature” while letting it fester.

This led to gas prices spiking at a historical high of $5/gallon last week on Saturday, as well as the Federal Reserve being forced into steep interest rate hikes to calm down inflation.

What this means though, is we’re putting the economy at risk of collapsing into a recession if the Fed doesn’t stick the landing.

This is a risk we wouldn’t be forced to take, had the Biden administration acted in a timely manner.

Due to their continuous lapses in judgment, Biden and his team are now under heavy fire from congressional Republicans as the midterm elections are right around the corner.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy shared his thoughts on Friday’s inflation report, calling for Pelosi and other House Democrats to hold a hearing on the spiraling inflation their policies created.

It’s gotten so bad that even Jason Furman, the Obama administration’s top economic advisor, has come to admit the US economy is in a less-than-favorable position at the moment.

This is bound to drive another nail in the coffin of Biden’s approval rating.