It’s Time for a Major Change in the White House

There is growing consensus among Democrats that the White House has to change its path for the better future of the Democrat Party. Most lawmakers want to see new faces among top aides of Biden.

Biden’s chief of staff is in trouble

Rep. Stephanie Murphy of Florida stated a good executive must look back on their policies to see what is working and what is failing.

Reportedly, a wide variety of Democrat lawmakers now believe Biden can not expect different results by doing the same things again and again.

According to different suggestions to Biden from his party, the president should alter his staff members if he really wants to see the change.

One of the members of the congressional progressive caucus said the failed Afghanistan withdrawal and COVID strategy of the president is making a narrative that Biden lacks a competent team.

Likewise, the lawmaker noted if Biden can replace his top aides, including chief of staff Ron Klain, he can make voters believe he is serious about solving the crisis.

According to the lawmaker, Biden has no strategy; the whole blame for this strategic failure lies on the shoulders of the chief of staff.

Another Democrat lawmaker claimed Biden needs a change at the top of his team to come back on track. The lawmaker stated revising the team after one year since inauguration should not be considered “abnormal.”

Biden does not want to change his team

As most of Biden’s top team comprises people who were attached to him during his vice presidency or Senate time, Biden already denounced the idea of changing his team.

Last month, the president noted he was satisfied with his team; although he signaled he would raise more campaign money to get advice from outside experts.

Defending Klain’s office amid rising concerns within Democrats, a White House official stated with an equally divided Senate and a razor-thin majority in the House, Biden is not in a position to do much to further his legislative agenda.

Co-founder of leftist think tank Third Way Matt Bennett claimed officials like Klain get the most criticism because he has the highest profile among all the staff members.

Bennett further added Biden could improve the efficacy of his White House by adding more strategic thinkers to his team.

NBC News has even reported Jamie Harrison, who is the current chair of the Democratic National Committee, considered leaving his post before the midterm elections, amid the crisis with the party.

Many Democrats believe the internal dynamics of their own party matter the most because it is difficult for Biden to win Americans’ support when his own party is in the doldrums.

A White House official who spoke anonymously noted if he were in the shoes of Biden, he would have evaluated all the advice before acting.