Israel-Gaza Conflict Created Disturbing Effects Against American Jews

"IMG_0434" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Nissa Tzun

The recent conflict between Israel and Gaza created a concerning backlash against American Jews, as they have become targets of death threats, violent physical attacks, and hate speech. 

From California and New York to Utah and Illinois, footage emerged late Thursday of pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian protesters violently attacking each other.

California Disputes

On Tuesday, in Los Angeles and pro-Palestinian demonstrators jumped out of their vehicles and started singling out and attacking Jewish diners in a Beverly Grove restaurant. This resulted in a violent brawl which was caught on camera by a bystander. 

Videos also emerged showing members of a caravan flying Palestinian flags while driving by an outdoor space of a sushi restaurant. The people in the car caravan can be heard chanting “Death to Jews!”

Then, just a few blocks away, a Jewish man was pursued down by two cars carrying Palestinian flags as they chanted “Allahu akbar” in an apparent attempt to run him over.

The Jewish man told reporters that he has taken the same route a million times, and has never been afraid. He said that he was waiting for the light to change when suddenly he saw a group of cars coming and waving the Palestinian flag.

The man added that he was “petrified.” Noting that, he kept thinking that he is a father of six and wanted to come home to them that night. He also added that he thought these men were going to kill him. 

New York Disputes

“IMG_0543” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Nissa Tzun

Late Thursday in New York, protesters from both sides clashed in the midtown Manhattan sidewalk. This is although Israel and Gaza already struck a ceasefire agreement earlier that day. 

In addition to the clash, New York Police also confirmed that two commercial fireworks were thrown from a car. This left one person injured with minor burns.

A disturbing video of an old Jewish man who was viciously beaten by a gang of pro-Palestinian protesters simply because he was wearing a Yarmulke as he attempted to cross a street in Times Square. Police are already investigating the gang assault. They also urge the public to come forward with information. 

Illinois Disputes

On Sunday, a synagogue was vandalized in what authorities sees as a result of a hate crime. Congregants saw a “Free Palestine” sign on the door of The Persian Hebrew Congregation. They also notice a broken window and an object that resembled a weapon. 

A person who grew up attending the synagogue was interviewed. She said that it is a terrifying time to be outwardly Jewish. “This is Skokie. It’s a heavily Jewish town,” she said. The woman added that it bothers her how people say that it is about Israeli and Palestinians, but then they are targeting synagogues. 

Utah Disputes

In Utah, a Chabad Community Center Synagogue in Salt Lake City was vandalized. On the front door of the Synagogue, swastika symbols can be seen.

Rabbi of the synagogue noted how it is alarming to see how misinformation and the complex political issue in the Middle East turned into this. He stated that now, Jews are even debating whether they should step out in the streets of America with a visible Yarmulke on.