Is Putin Planning an All-Out War With the Latest Purchases From North Korea?

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According to reports from overseas, the Russian military is currently in the process of purchasing millions of rockets and artillery shells from North Korea. This is to help support Putin’s relentless assault on Ukraine, which has been going on for more than half a year.

As it turns out, Russia turning to North Korea for weapons is the result of major supply shortages within the country. This is caused by the plethora of export controls and sanctions that were imposed on Russia, its prominent figures, and even Putin himself.

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Russian army struggles to keep up with shortages

This news comes only a week after it was found Russia received Iranian-produced drones to facilitate their attacks on Ukraine; albeit reports have shown the drones had severe malfunctioning issues.

As expected, North Korea’s attempt at bettering its relationship with Russia came only due to the growing number of nations distancing themselves from Moscow, with the country’s officials even blaming the United States for the war.

According to them, the West’s “hegemonic policy” is what sparked the “conflict,” claiming that Russia is merely defending itself.

It’s almost as if there aren’t mountains of conclusive evidence pointing at the war in Ukraine being nothing short of a series of war crimes orchestrated by Vladimir Putin.

So far, Russia, Syria, and most recently, North Korea, are the only countries to recognize the independence of the two regions in Ukraine that Putin initially sought to conquer.

North Korea pursues nuclear weaponry

Additionally, should the deal with North Korea go through, they would be in violation of several UN resolutions, effectively banning them from weapons export and import through other countries.

Moreover, given how the North is looking to export a sizeable amount of military equipment to Russia, US officials have become increasingly concerned with the country’s pursuit of nuclear weapons technology.

More than 30 ballistic missile tests have been conducted by the North Korean military this year alone. Despite the numerous sanctions put on him by the US, Kim Jong Un has continued his attempts at increasing the country’s nuclear firepower.

Through all of this, President Joe Biden remains silent, which is an extremely risky move, considering actions like this in the East can significantly increase the risk of nuclear fallout.

Instead, our commander-in-chief has chosen to deal with the non-issue of student debt, putting pressure on the hardworking Americans (who either paid off their debt or didn’t go to college at all) to pay for someone else’s excessive partying and liberal arts majors.

If anything, we can rest assured that Russia’s military prowess has begun to dry up, signaling that the Ukraine war might be coming to an end.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.