Iran Nearing a Nuclear Weapon

Democrat Senator Bob Menendez has shown his concerns about Biden’s Iran Nuclear Deal, which can help Iran acquire nuclear weapons.

He asked the president that any possible deal should come with strong terms, which must not compromise American interests.

Biden Can Help Iran Get a Nuclear Weapon

Speaking in an interview, Menedez noted that there is a consensus in America that Iran should not be allowed to own a nuclear weapon.

He further stated the whole dynamics of the Middle East would change if Iran gets Weapons of Mass Destruction, which would not only put the security of US ally Israel at risk, but also start an arms race in the region.

According to Menedez, he was told if the deal was not signed by the end of February this year, a lot of time would be lost, and the US would not gain anything from the deal.

So, now that the month of April ended, the deal will bring no value to American interests, the senator continued.

Menendez further claimed if the Biden administration reinstated the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Iran would not be stopped from making a nuclear bomb.

The agreement does not stop Iran from acquiring ballistic missiles. Similarly, some of the provisions of that old deal are set to expire soon, the senator continued.

Thus, the Democrat gave three suggestions to the Biden administration that could be helpful in stopping Iran from obtaining dangerous weapons.

Included in these recommendations is to address the issue of Iran’s missile capability, uranium enrichment level, and detonation capacity.

Furthermore, Menedez claimed “no deal” is certainly a better option for the United States than a “bad deal,” as US interests would be compromised otherwise.

West Pushes to Strike the Deal as Early as Possible

The way the administration is trying to strike a deal, Iran would be able to acquire the necessary level of Uranium enrichment within six months of the agreement, Menendez warned.

Menendez is the biggest critic of the Iran Nuclear Deal in the Democrat Party, and he has spoken against it in the past, as well.

While concluding his discussion, the Democrat senator noted one of the primary reasons for the current stalemate in the talks is the demand of Iran to lift sanctions on its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Every passing day is increasing the burden on the Biden administration to revive a deal that was wrapped up by former President Trump.

Back then, the Trump administration asserted that Obama-era sanctions were the ultimate pathway for Iran to get a bomb.

Thus, the USA is also emphasizing its European allies to push for the revival of the talks. Reportedly, the European Union is ready to send its negotiator Enrique Mora to Tehran to break the stalemate.

As per the Iran state media, the country would continue to negotiate as far as its “economic” and “national” interests are protected.