Iran Intervenes in Russia’s Favor in Ukraine War, Israel to Step In

(Social media video snapshot)

The Islamic Republic of Iran appears to be increasingly active to support Putin’s Russia in its atrocious war against Ukraine.

Reports say besides killer drones, it is going to supply Moscow with missiles, while elite Iranian forces are already training the Russians on the ground.

Humiliated Putin Resorting to Iran’s Military Technologies

The reports that elite Iranian units have arrived on the ground in Russian-occupied parts of Ukraine to train Putin’s hordes have come as the Ukrainian authorities reported multiple such drone attacks all over the country.

Last week, Russia carried out a slew of criminal attacks on Ukrainian cities with missiles, but stopped them amid reports the Russian military was running out of cruises, long-range missiles, and its defense industry couldn’t produce new ones.

Against that backdrop, Putin is carrying out more and more attacks with low-quality Iranian killer drones in an apparent strategy to terrorize the Ukrainian population into submission and surrender.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, an anti-American and anti-Western international pariah and rogue state, has been denying selling Russia any military equipment.

Ukraine gathered so much evidence of the supply of Iranian drones that it broke off its diplomatic relations with the Iranians.

(Social media video snapshot)

Iran’s Intervention Will Get Ukraine Crucial Israeli Military Aid

Iranian troops from the elite IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) have arrived in the Russian-occupied parts of southeast and southern Ukraine.

They are training the Russians to use the Iranian killer drones, according to a report by the UK newspaper The Daily Mirror, which cited a Ukrainian intelligence source.

About 50 IRGC troops are believed to be in Ukraine helping the Russians to perfect the use of the Shahid-136 drones supplied to Putin’s hordes by Iran, according to the report.

There are doubts that the Iranian military instructors themselves could be doing the actual targeting of Ukrainian cities with the kamikaze drones, which, if true, would automatically make Iran a party to the war in Ukraine as a Russian ally.

To top it all off, the Ukrainian source made it clear his nation’s military and intelligence services are “actively hunting down” the Iranian commandoes believed to be based in the southern Kherson region and the Crimean Peninsula even further south.

According to the source, at least one of the teams of Iranians was recently hit by a Ukrainian strike; although it remains unclear how many Iranian instructors may have been killed, if any.

So far, Israel, a key US ally, has been reluctant to give aid to the Ukrainians in order not to antagonize Putin’s Russia.

However, Iran with its nuclear program has been the arch-enemy of Israel, threatening its very existence. The Israelis are expected to start helping Ukraine in order to counteract the Iranian moves in Putin’s war.

Nachman Shai, Israel’s diaspora minister, set the tone for potential Israeli assistance to Ukraine by writing on Twitter there was no question where his country stood in the war and it was time for Israeli military aid to the Ukrainians.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.