Iran Announces Plans to Deploy Warships in Panama Canal

The Iranian Navy revealed its intention to deploy its warships in the Panama Canal, which is a significant trade path in the Americas and has not had any military presence from Iran previously.

As stated, Shahram Irani, Rear Admiral and the leader of the Iranian Navy, announced the intention to put up their military existence Panama Canal, representing the first time the Iranian military touched the Pacific Ocean.

Forming Stronger Ties with Russia and China Leaders

Recently, Iran shifted its attention to expanding its military presence within Latin America as it forms stronger ties with leaders that are not on good terms with the US, particularly in Venezuela.

Military ships of Iran have been seen docking in Venezuela more frequently, as the country’s hardline government aims to give Nicol√°s Maduro support.

These actions are intended to provoke America and demonstrate that Iran has the capability to position its military close to American soil.

According to an analyst of the National Security, Iran was planning for such a voyage through joint movements with its allies, including China and Russia, who were likewise fortifying their relations with countries in Latin America.

Iran’s Objective to Put Military Presence in Latin America

According to Humire, Iran has long desired to establish a strong military presence in Latin America as part of its global agenda.

This ambition has been evidenced recently by the announcement of Iranian plans to operate within the Panama Canal Zone.

Beyond Nicaragua and Venezuela, Iran has also successfully negotiated with Colombia in order to strengthen its influence and power.

“There will be a lot who would underestimate the capabilities of Iran, but I would not disregard it, as they have been working towards this for a long period.”

Irani, the rear admiral of Iran, stated the presence of the Navy in the Panama Canal is aimed to enhance their maritime presence within the international maritime territory,¬†according to the information released by Iran’s state-controlled media.

As per Humire, a specialist on national security, it has always been Iran’s objective to have a military existence in Latin America; therefore it’s not unexpected that the Navy announced intentions to make movements in Panama Canal.

Humire also highlighted that Iran has formed relations with countries such as Colombia, in addition to Venezuela and Nicaragua.

He stated, “If this will happen, heightened escalation is possible to happen.” He is warning people should not underestimate Iran’s capabilities, as it has been working towards this for a considerable amount of time.

Rear Admiral Irani, the leader of the Iranian Navy, stated the Navy’s presence in the Panama Canal is aimed at “strengthening our maritime presence in international waters,” according to the comments released by the state-controlled media of Iran.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.