Inside Story: How Trump Faced Permanent Ban From Twitter

American author Michael Shellenberger shared the fourth installment of Twitter files, which explains how former President Donald Trump was banned from Twitter.

Trump’s ban from the social media platform suggests Twitter mishandled the case of the former president’s account, due to the deep biases of the decision-makers within the company.

Twitter Internal Mechanisms of Banning Trump Exposed

At the time of the January 6 Congressional riots, Twitter’s former CEO Jack Dorsey was on vacation in French Polynesia. In the absence of Dorsey, Yoel Roth was overseeing the process that led to Trump’s ban.

Reportedly, Dorsey was not too impulsive while banning world leaders, so he used to observe patience before banning any global leader.

However, Roth did not follow the required protocols, as he ended up banning Trump with the help of many registered Democrats working on Twitter in various capacities.

Even as the January 6 riots progressed, Dorsey was not convinced to ban Trump. Though Dorsey approved the banning of Trump’s account, he did not agree to impose a permanent ban on Trump.

Dorsey believed Twitter should remain consistent in its policy of banning people. Furthermore, Dorsey asserted everyone, including Donald Trump, should have a way back on Twitter after facing a temporary ban on the platform.

Meanwhile, some junior officials of Twitter raised concerns Trump’s permanent ban from Twitter is a possible violation of the First Amendment of the American Constitution, which protects the right of free speech for every individual. Actual decision-makers ignored all of their concerns.

The latest part of Twitter files reveals a wide range of people belonging to different departments of the social media company were responsible for banning Trump. 

Michael Shellenberger also posted screenshots of the internal communication of Twitter, according to which Roth wanted to permanently ban Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz, despite acknowledging the ban does not fit anywhere.

Facebook Also Violated Its Laws to Ban Trump

The latest Twitter files also revealed Twitter was banning those accounts which were questioning Trump’s ban.

Furthermore, Twitter was also suppressing the distribution of the screenshots of Trump’s tweets. Those users who were retweeting Trump’s election fraud claims were getting strikes on their accounts, as per the Twitter files.

Yoel Roth, who was also involved in suppressing the distribution of Hunter Biden’s laptop story from Twitter, resigned from the social media company in the mass exodus followed by Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover.

Although Musk reinstated Trump’s account, the former president has not started using the platform. Trump already indicated he will not use Twitter again and he will keep on focusing on his own social media platform, Truth Social.

In a separate tweet, Shellenberger also revealed Facebook violated its own rules while banning Trump.

Reportedly, Facebook has been censoring conservative speech for a long time, but on January 7, the company found a golden opportunity to ban Trump. Reportedly, Trump did not violate any specific policy of Facebook.