Inflation Reduction Act Passes in the House of Representatives

It wasn’t too long ago that the Inflation Reduction Act passed in the Senate.

Democrats are the only ones who support this bill and they’re screaming from the rooftops that it will help Americans. They claim it’s an “investment” in climate change reform and healthcare that’s ultimately going to lower inflation.

Yet, at the same time, this legislation comes with massive federal spending and various tax hikes. It also adds 87,000 agents to the IRS, something which Democrats assure is only to dig into big businesses and wealthy individuals.

Republicans have consistently been raising red flags about this bill; yet, on Friday, it officially passed in the House of Representatives, as documented by The Hill.

What Happens Next?

Every single House Democrat voted for the multi-billion dollar spending bill, while not a single Republican voted in favor of it. The same dynamic was seen in the Senate where the Inflation Reduction Act garnered only Democratic votes, but zero Republican ones.

Since the legislation has now passed in the Senate and the House, it’s on its way for Joe Biden to sign into law. Biden heralded the Inflation Reduction Act passing Congress, calling this a “win” for the nation.

Likewise, the president confirmed that he’s going to sign this controversial spending package into law during the upcoming week.

On Friday, congressional Democrats cheered and celebrated the passage of this bill. They repeatedly stuck with the assertion that this bill is going to help families in need and bring about much-needed reforms.

Meanwhile, Republicans had a very different reaction to the Inflation Reduction Act passing in both congressional chambers. GOP members warned this is going to be a disaster for everyday Americans.

A Change in Messaging?

For awhile, the Inflation Reduction Act was marketed as landmark legislation that will bring down prices for the American people.

However, after various studies pushed back on this claim of the bill truly lowering inflation, it’s been referred to in the media as a “healthcare” and “climate” bill.

Republicans remain adamant in their views that Democrats are putting pork spending and partisan agendas over what’s truly best for the United States. The GOP also maintains that voters are very much aware of how this legislation will make things harder for them not easier.

With the midterm elections being months away, time will tell whether or not this bill actually does Democrats a favor or backfires on them, thus handing the GOP back control of the House and Senate.

What do you think about the Inflation Reduction Act passing in Congress on Friday? Do you think this legislation will do everything Democrats are saying it will? You’re more than welcome to let us know where you stand in the comments area.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.