Illegals Lured to US by Growing ‘Immigration-Industrial Complex,’ Ex-NY Officials Say

More and more illegal immigrants are flocking to America on the Biden administration’s watch.

The southern border is deteriorating by the day, partly due to the enticements of free luxury accommodation and housing provided to the illegals with US taxpayer money, writes a former lieutenant governor of New York.

Meet the Big Player: the ‘Immigration-Industrial Complex’

A commentary article by former NY Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey put forth a new term describing a seemingly very powerful player actively promoting America’s invasion: the “immigration-industrial complex.”

Writing for The New York Post, McCaughey defines what she calls the “immigration-industrial complex” (IIC) as a “web” of actors such as nonprofits, immigration lawyers, and politicians which runs on government grants spent on “care for migrants.”

The IIC is motivated by both the “lure of public funds” and woke ideology; it “relentlessly” demands money for illegals from the federal, state, and local governments throughout the United States. This results in lavish “free goodies” for the illegal invaders of America.

McCaughey’s article leads to the clear-cut conclusion that America’s invasion by illegals will only worsen as more luxury “freebies” become available to welcome the migrants.

US States, Cities Rushing to Pay for Illegals’ Accommodations

In her commentary, the former NY lt. governor offers multiple examples of the “immigration-industrial complex” using US taxpayer money to spend lavishly on the housing of illegal immigrants.

McCaughey points out that her nurse sister from Cape Cod couldn’t find an affordable hotel in New York City. At the same time, Venezuelan illegals get to stay free of charge at the four-star Row hotel near Times Square, the Marriott, Comfort Inn, or Holiday Express.

The author describes the free luxury hotels providing rooms to illegals as “Hotel America,” noting these give the invaders three free meals a day, free room service snacks at any time, free computer facilities, and free children’s playrooms…with local taxpayers footing the bill.

She emphasizes that New York City has already become a magnet for illegal immigrants. However, the immigration-industrial complex isn’t limited to the Big Apple.

McCaughey points out the case of Maine, one of the poorest US states, which has joined the foray of hosting illegal immigrants with lavish accommodation services for no rational reason whatsoever.

Maine is thus offering high-quality housing to 400 illegal immigrant families, using its COVID-19 relief funds provided by the US Congress to cover the cost.

Even that source of money has run out; now, the state is asking its residents to cough up more than $182 million for the illegals’ accommodation. 

At the same time, Maine’s homelessness rate has hit its highest level in 15 years, with homeless locals flooding shelters to try to survive the winter. 

McCaughey calls for only the most basic housing for illegals to prevent luring more and more of them to invade America.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.