Illegal Immigrants Testing the Limits of NYC

New York City is struggling to provide social services to illegal immigrants who have recently arrived in the city from Texas and Arizona.

The Democratic mayor, Eric Adams, often bragged about his administration’s efforts to promote social services in the city, but illegal immigrants are pushing these services to their limits.

NYC Faces Unprecedented Challenges of Illegal Immigrants

A medical insurance provider, MetroPlusHealth co-sponsored an event in NYC, while announcing temporary healthcare coverage for illegal immigrants.

The event attracted hundreds of immigrants outside a hospital in the Bronx, NYC, in pursuit of healthcare coverage, food supplies, and free phones.

One representative of MetroPlusHealth noted almost 1,200 immigrants are expected to show up at the event.

A significant number of these immigrants were transported to NYC from Texas as the Republican governor, Greg Abbott, led nationwide efforts to teach blue cities an unforgettable lesson about illegal immigration.

One Venezuelan refugee, Adrian Medina, stated he is a welder and is looking for work in NYC. Medina further added he reached NYC on a bus coming from Texas after reaching the United States by walking through a jungle for six days.

He was standing outside the hospital to get free ice cream after seeing a poster of a socialist event in the city.

Another Venezuelan refugee, Luis Quintana, who was also waiting outside the hospital, asserted he was standing to get his ID and health insurance.

Quintana furthermore added he escaped Venezuela amid the fear of violence, as armed groups have worsened criminal activities in the country.

In addition to that, one Venezuelan couple struggling to get legal assistance for their permanent stay in the US noted they are waiting for lawyers who could help them.

Immigrants also received back-to-school supplies and library cards from the insurance provider.

Homelessness Crisis Reaches New High in NYC

NYC is already struggling with the rising homelessness crisis; an increasing number of illegal immigrants is only likely to deepen the housing crisis in the blue city.

Since assuming the office of mayor of NYC, Eric Adams vowed to permanently end the homelessness crisis of the city, but he has miserably failed to do this.

Critics believe Adams is trying to implement the same old tactics which already failed in the past.

One such strategy is the use of force to push homeless people into shelter centers, but previous such efforts indicate homeless people tend to retaliate against policing whenever they are being forced to evict from the streets.

Recently, the NYC Department of Homeless Services asked hotels to find almost 5,600 rooms to tackle the rising homelessness in the city.

Reportedly, homelessness in NYC is reaching the levels of the Great Depression of 1930. More than 48,000 people sleep on the streets every night.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.