Illegal Immigrants, Allowed into U.S. By Biden’s DHS, Caught Targeting Indian Americans

Daniel Esteban Jimenez-Carrillo, 30, and Gersson Jhoan Hernandez-Gomez, 33, and Brayan Alexis Ortiz-Ramos, 20, are three illegal immigrants from Colombia.

They have each been detained and accused of second-degree burglary as a racially motivated crime and conspiracy. This comes after supposedly breaking into 20 to 30 homes in Long Island’s Indian American communities.

Leadership Breakdown

At a press conference, Bruce Blakeman, the Republican executive of Nassau County, stated, “What we are witnessing is a total leadership breakdown in Washington.”

“These people shouldn’t have been permitted to enter the country in the first place. They were apprehended at the border, but rather than being held, they were released to cause chaos in American neighborhoods.”

Justin Mora-Soto, a fourth accused, is 20 years old and was born in the United States. He lived the majority of his life in Colombia, where his spouse and children now reside.

One of the strictest sanctuary state laws in the US, enforced in New York, is protecting illegal immigrants from being handed over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for detention and deportation.

The four suspects followed Indian Americans home from shops in Hicksville, Bethpage, New Hyde Park, and Levittown on Long Island. They scouted out their residences before breaking into them, as reported by the Nassau County Police Department.

During the period of February 2021 to August 2022, Biden’s DHS allowed 1.35 million illegal migrants into the interior of the country.

Ortiz-Ramos was detained in March near San Lis, Arizona, on the U.S.-Mexico border. After being freed, he was issued an immigration court date for July 2023.

Jimenez-Carrillo, meantime, was detained in June in San Ysidro, California, at the U.S.-Mexico border. He was eventually released into the interior of the country without any planned immigration court procedures.

Biden’s Policy Failed

Only a few months after Biden assumed office, in June 2021, Hernandez-Gomez was detained at the Texas-Mexico border crossing in Hidalgo. While being subject to removal proceedings, he was discharged into the interior of the United States.

Without New York’s “No Bail” rule, which enables suspects in many violent and property crimes to leave custody just a few hours after being detained without ever being required to post bail, Mora-Soto would still be behind bars.

On September 15, Mora-Soto was detained and convicted of second-degree menacing and criminal possession of a firearm; because of the No Bail rule, he was soon released. His following court date in the case was missed.

The burglary gang from South America operating in Long Island is just the most recent instance of illegal aliens and foreigners entering the country, solely to perpetrate crimes against citizens before leaving for their home countries.

As Breitbart News reported, South Americans traveling to California on B-2 vacation visas have been flying there with the explicit intent of breaking into the homes of affluent people in Ventura County.

Similar home burglary gangs are run by illegal South American immigrants in Washington, DC, who target the area’s affluent Asian community.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.