Ilhan Omar Has No Regrets Comparing US and Israel With Terrorists

On Tuesday, Democrat representative Ilhan Omar told CNN doesn’t regret making a statement comparing Israel and the United States with the Taliban terrorist group. She also went further and blamed her Jewish colleagues for not being her “partner in justice”

Omar has no regrets about likening the U.S. and Israel to the Taliban

In an interview with Jake Tapper of CNN, the news anchor mentioned to Omar that her recent comments equating the U.S. and Israel to Taliban were taken out of context. Tapper also noted Omar was condemned by Democrat leaders, adding that the leaders think her remarks likening the U.S. and Israel to the terrorist group “foments prejudice.” 

Tapper also added that the Jewish House Democrats also wrote a letter calling Omar’s remarks anti-Semitic in nature. Republicans also proposed a resolution to censure Omar. He then asked Omar whether she regrets making these comments. To which Omar responded, “I don’t”.

Omar then added that it is important to think back about the point that she was trying to make when she made those comments. Omar later said that she was then addressing Secretary of State Blinken. 

The Democrat representative furthermore continued to blame the Jewish members of the Congress who find her anti-Israel remarks offensive. She also told Tapper that any time her colleagues would ask for a conversation, she welcomes them so she can learn from them and they can learn from her. 

Omar continued and mentioned that her colleagues have to realize they haven’t been her partners in justice. Later, Omar alleged that she is someone who knows what it feels like to feel injustice in ways that many of her colleagues don’t. 

Previously, Omar drew criticism for tweeting that Israel “hypnotized” the world. She also claimed that a pro-Israeli organization paid politicians to support the Jewish state. Omar also reposted video footage from an anti-Israel group that is under investigation by the FBI for its potential ties with terrorists. 

Jewish members of the Congress are not her “partners in justice”

Then, earlier this month, Omar also attracted harsh criticisms when she likened the U.S. and Israel to Taliban, calling them at the same level of accountability and justice for their “crimes against humanity.” 

Omar then later published a public addendum to the comments she made at the request of several House Democrats. 

However, on Tuesday, Omar appeared to stand by the comments she made, saying that Jewish members of the Congress are not her “partners in justice.”

The Republican Jewish Coalition then wrote on Twitter calling upon their Democrat counterpart to join them in censuring Omar for the remarks she made. 

A bipartisan group also wrote that it is shocking how Omar refused to take any accountability for her offensive antisemitism remarks. The group later condemned the fact that Omar also had the audacity to blame Jewish lawmakers.