If Republicans Take Control of Congress, DeSantis Says There Will Be A “Fauci Reckoning”

"Ron DeSantis" by Gage Skidmore

In the event that the Republican Party takes control of Congress, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis encouraged his party’s representatives to investigate Dr. Anthony Fauci. 

The soaring Republican icon, who is often considered to be a top-tier 2024 presidential hopeful if he chooses to run, issued the call to arms during an interview with Fox News that aired on Saturday evening.

The interview was broadcast live on Fox News. 

Series of Sins and Wrongs

Speaking to the host of Unfiltered, Dan Bongino, DeSantis told Bongino, “if the Republicans win the majority, we need to have a reckoning on all of this.” 

During the height of the global epidemic, Florida became a shining example of opposition to hard-line measures. DeSantis said during this time, Fauci “heavily criticized me every step of the way.”

“Fauci tried to spread panic in the public and scared a number of parents,” the Florida governor said, but people began to resist what the health expert was saying because he was “wrong on all the essential topics.”

The Florida governor was referring to the drive to close down in-person learning at schools. 

Fauci Already Announced Retirement 

Fauci made the announcement during the previous week that he would be resigning from his roles.

These roles are the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director, head of the Laboratory of Immunoregulation at the NIAID, as well as the White House COVID consultant to President Biden.

His departure is scheduled to take place in December.

On the other hand, Republicans, such as Senator Rand Paul, have stated this will not prevent them from scrutinizing Fauci on a number of different fronts, such as the origins of COVID-19. 

If Republicans are successful in regaining control of one or both chambers of Congress, they will have access to additional tools, including the ability to subpoena witnesses. 

DeSantis is currently seeking reelection as Florida’s governor in 2022. Nevertheless, he is widely regarded as a leader in the Republican Party; polls show the Florida governor would be a competitive candidate for president if he decided to run for that office.

After Bongino played a clip of Fauci attempting to deny that COVID-19 shutdowns caused severe damage to everyone, the Florida governor made his comments about Fauci. 

It was predicted by DeSantis that Fauci and other health experts would remark in the future that lockdown procedures were not as effective as experts hoped they would be because they did not go in-depth enough. 

Ron DeSantis emphasized, “We should never go down the same road.”

Accountability must be seen! It’s not enough to admit what Fauci did caused irreversible damage; he has to pay for his crimes. As soon as Republicans take back congress, all will be well.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.