‘Idiot’ Putin Blasted by Own Vets as Nuclear Detonation Expected

Russia’s bloodthirsty dictator Vladimir Putin has been blasted as “an idiot” by Russian military veterans.

He is losing his war of aggression against Ukraine, while the US-led NATO alliance warned the tyrant’s regime may be about to detonate a nuclear weapon in the Black Sea as to try to scare off the West and the Ukrainians.

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Putin in War ‘with Entire World’

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, which 7.5 months ago, turned into an unmitigated disaster for Russia.

Because of that, a couple of weeks ago, Putin saw himself forced to declare mobilization, a haphazard campaign that reportedly aims to put 1.2 million men under arms.

As of Tuesday morning, Russian authorities reported 200,000 have already been mobilized. The mobilization push sent hundreds of thousands of military-aged males to flee Russia by air or land.

Even though any opposition to the regime or insults or challenges to Putin himself is severely persecuted in Russia, a group of military veterans dared to openly criticize him and even brand him an “idiot.”

The insult came from Vitaly Votanovsky, a former Russian Air Force lieutenant-colonel, who blasted the dictator in a report in the Moscow Times, as cited by The Daily Mail.

Votanovsky has become an anti-regime activist, who has been arrested a number of times for taking photos of the graves of Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine. The dictatorship is trying to hide from the public the true scope of its manpower losses in the invasion.

According to the military veteran, Putin first “destroyed” Russia’s resources for military mobilization “with his own hands” – seemingly a reference to the defense reforms of the past two decades.

Then, “this idiot” managed to get himself in a “war with the entire world,” Votanovsky added, apparently referring to western and international support for the Ukrainians as victims of Moscow’s military aggression.

The activist added the Russian president brought about “circumstances” in which Russia has no way of winning.

Another Russian military veteran, 61-year-old Nikolai Prokudin who fought in the Soviet Union’s war in Afghanistan in the 1980s, said there are many veterans in Russia who are outraged by Putin’s war and overall actions.

Last year, Prokudin teamed up with a former Soviet intelligence agent, Sergey Gulyaev, to petition Putin against starting a potential war against Ukraine.

Ordering Nuclear Detonation Out of Secret Bunker

In another development, a report by UK-based newspaper The Times revealed the NATO mutual defense alliance warned its members Putin is getting ready to detonate a nuke in the Black Sea, right on Ukraine’s borders.

NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, includes the United States and 29 other nations that are obliged to defend each other from attacks.

The report alleges that Putin, who is turning 70 on Friday, warned his secret wife, 40-year-old ex-gymnast Alina Kabaeva, that a rapid evacuation is likely.

The General SVR, a Telegram channel with insider knowledge of the Kremlin, claims the entire top government and security apparatus in Moscow is prepared to be taken to the secret bunker.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.