Idaho University Murder Could Be Linked to the Gainesville Ripper

After the official police report was released regarding the killing of four students at Idaho University, true crime author J.T. Hunter found an astonishing link between the stabbing and the case of the Gainesville Ripper.

Hunter urged investigators to dig up evidence pertaining to Danny Rolling’s murders, as they should be looking for similar evidence in the case that Idaho murders were done by an admirer of Danny’s.

Similar murders more than 30 years apart

While Hunter is certainly not an investigator, his expertise on the Ripper’s case more than qualifies him to comment on the matter; he’d done enough research on the 1990 killings to write a book about the Gainesville Ripper.

In an interview with Sun Magazine, Hunter explained how the police caught up to Danny Rolling, solely because of the DNA evidence collected at the scene. This helped law enforcement pinpoint the perpetrator.

The author argued that a similar tactic could be used in identifying the murderer linked to the four young students killed at Idaho University, the oldest of which were Kaylee Goncalves and Madison Mogen, both 21.

The real issue lies in the fact that there’s likely an excessive amount of DNA in the off-campus house, from the victims, the murderer, and just about anyone who’s been there and visited recently.

Moscow, Idaho remains devastated by the loss

Danny Rolling, on the other hand, was caught by the police after he’d attempted to rob a supermarket. This is when the brutal stabbings of five Florida University students were linked to him, making him one of America’s most iconic serial killers.

In fact, the entirety of the Scream movie franchise was inspired by Rolling’s wrongdoings; if everything is taken into account, it’s more than likely that the Idaho murders are somehow linked to his actions.

Unfortunately for him though, the cops had received key information that led them straight to where the murderer was hiding out. With DNA evidence collected from the scene, Rolling was quickly locked up and executed by lethal injection 16 years later in 2006.

The one thing that separates the Idaho murders from the Gainesville Ripper is the fact that the latter admitted to raping his victims, then posing their dead bodies to be discovered by the police. This was not the case with the four students.

However, technology has advanced by quite a bit in the past 32 years. DNA evidence goes a long way these days, especially given almost everyone has a medical record, meaning that even if the killer may be at large, it won’t stay that way for long.

Despite all the similarities, the Moscow PD assured they’re not looking for a serial killer, stating they’re still unsure whether the home or the occupants were the initial targets of the attack.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.