Hypocritical Media Makes Contradictory Stories for Two Power Outages

The liberal media is avoiding criticism of the California power outage, despite slamming Republicans for the Texas electricity blackout last year.

When Texas faced unprecedented winter storms in February 2021, mainstream media sided with Democrats as they asked to prosecute Republican Governor Greg Abbott for his poor response in countering the natural disaster.

This created an electricity shutdown in the state.

Media Hypocrisy Exposed Amid California Energy Crisis

Last year, nearly four million Texans faced a massive electricity cutoff during a winter storm that resulted in almost 100 deaths.

After the power outage, Democrats called for investigations against the Republican administration of Texas, while promoting their own radical environmental agenda.

Back then, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer asserted Governor Abbott is ignoring the fact the Texas electricity grid cannot endure the severity of the climate crisis.

Likewise, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Texas, Beto O’Rourke, noted the inefficiency of the Texas government multiplied the consequences of a natural calamity that could have been averted without causing so much havoc for Texans.

So, Abbott should be prosecuted for his timid response in tackling the crisis, O’Rourke added.

As Democrats criticized the Texas GOP leadership, left-leaning media outlets, notably CNN and MSNBC, sided with them and started denouncing Abbott’s energy policies.

MSNBC host Chris Hayes hammered Republicans’ narrative that windmills played a significant role in exacerbating the energy crisis in Texas.

Furthermore, Hayes said Republicans’ reliance on overconsumption of fossil fuels, coupled with their poorly developed energy infrastructure, were the primary reasons for the energy shortage.

Another MSNBC host, Nicolle Wallace claimed Republicans are sponsoring disinformation by criticizing green energy for the electricity shortage in Texas.

Liberal Media Promotes Radical Energy Policies

During both the Texas and California energy crisis episodes, media networks touted green energy policies and presented them as a viable alternative to traditional energy sources.

While traditional energy sources did fail in the Texas storm, wind and solar power plants also failed miserably, which resulted in the complete electricity shutdown in the state.

Though still, CNN praised radical left-wing Congresswoman AOC, claiming her ideas for a Green New Deal are the only solution to Texas energy woes.

However, this time, no media outlet uttered a word against the California government after the recent power breakdown in the state.

Instead, media outlets only insisted climate change and extreme weather conditions were responsible for the energy crisis in the blue state of California.

Both CNN and MSNBC avoided discussing the California power breakdown, as they only turned to their local reporters in California once in a while for the latest updates.

California’s political leadership urged people to consume less amount of electricity, amid the fear of a possible blackout.

MSNBC journalist Steve Patterson also insisted people who are not reducing their electricity consumption can worsen the crisis in California.