Hunter’s Former Business Partner Takes Issue With FBI’s Handling of “The Laptop”

"Joe Biden with Hunter Biden" by Louise Palanker

Earlier this week, on Tuesday, Fox host Tucker Carlson sat down for an interview with one of Hunter Biden’s former business partners Tony Bobulinski. He fetched some intriguing info on the Biden family’s toxic business and influence practices.

This is Bobulinski’s second interview with Carlson, with the first one happening barely a month prior to the 2020 presidential election. This is when Biden stole the victory solely due to the FBI’s masterful coverup of the laptop incident.

(Video snapshot from Hunter Biden’s laptop)

Hunter Biden’s laptop story greatly affected the results of the 2020 election

At the time, both Bobulinski’s accusations regarding the president’s son and the information pulled from the infamous laptop were massively ignored.

They were even censored by the majority of left-leaning media and social networks, allowing Biden to walk away from it all scot-free.

During this year’s interview though, Bobulinski stated he believes the election would have taken a different course, had there been no censorship of the story.

This would have made it possible for former President Donald Trump to overcome Biden in narrow-margin states like Wisconsin, Arizona, and Georgia.

It’s a well-known fact that Biden won by a mere 43k votes. If only half of those people knew what the Biden family was involved with, the 2020 election would’ve been in Trump’s favor. We likely wouldn’t be in this mess that we are in today.

What this means is the election was very much stolen from Trump, by 21.5k votes no less, all of it in the backdrop of what seems to be the most suppressed story in the history of presidential elections in the US.

A $5 million company, stolen

Bobulinski also added while anyone has the right to call the election stolen, rigged, or maybe completely fair, the fact still remains the FBI effectively altered history that year.

After the election segment, Carlson segued into the Biden family’s shady businesses, most notably the company Oneida. This was co-owned by Hunter, Bobulinski, and Joe’s brother Jim Biden, forming a joint venture with the Chinese firm CEFC.

According to Bobulinski, Hunter copied the firm’s contract and walked away with $5 million siphoned directly into his personal bank account. This left Bobulinski dead in the water as Hunter and Jim founded Owasco, the law firm the president’s son operated at the time.

Not only does this indicate the prodigal son was involved in fraud, since he swapped out a firm he had 20% holdings in for one that he owned 100%, but it also shows the Biden family is no stranger when it comes to scamming people out of their money.

In the end, $5 million does sound like a whole lot of money for a crack addict like Hunter. Although the laptop story did clarify that there’s an entire plethora of ways for him to spend all that stolen money irresponsibly.

Between a stolen company, hundreds of records of siphoning money, and thousands of incriminating photographs, Hunter really sets a standard that’s hard to match up to.

Although Daddy Joe’s always got his back, so there’s nothing to worry about.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.